Oakland, where swell things can happen....

Mama, Mama, It Sure Feels Like Sunday to Me.

Well, the news is running on the television in the background and the Sole Proprietor is sitting here drinking a beer. He's had five cans of Guinness sitting in his refrigerator for the last squintillion years and he's finally broken down and drinking one. Tastes pretty good. He likes Guinness. It's a good thing he didn't know anything about it in his youth when beer in his refrigerator had a shelf life shorter than the half life of those subatomic particles you've read about in the paper. Now, can he drink just one? He's already mixing his participles with his particles you know.

Today was web day. He finished the "This Week's Photographs" section and fixed the frames in "Building This Site" and "Red Ink Railroad". Both are hopelessly out of date and he should probably just junk what he's got and start over, but maybe not. For some reason he was never able to figure out how to get out of a frame once he'd gotten into it, so he looked at the source code on one of Baddgrrl's Journal Ring snippets and discovered the "target" attribute and the "_top" value. Suddenly frames work for the Sole Proprietor. Makes him want to celebrate with another beer, oh dear.

Most sensible people have been eating and partying for these last two days and letting their web pages take care of themselves. The Sole Proprietor has been behind with all the writing required for this journal adventure so he needed to do some housekeeping and get caught up when he had time. It's fortunate it rained. No distractions and he didn't remember the beer sitting in the refrigerator until now.

Everything is transferred from the NBBC site and now he needs to make sure his META tags are in order and that his site is posted on the search engines, at least the big ones. With NBBC he waited for them to find him, now he will find them and be sure the listing is accurate and done the way they like. Anyone out there know of some nice multi-billion dollar corporations with the initials NBBC that need a domain name? Cheap? Six figures and a red car with a convertible top? A not too used jeep? A bottle of Guinness Stout?

Tomorrow he visits friends who are going to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner since they were out of town on Thanksgiving day visiting relatives. I know, I know, it doesn't make sense. Why prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner when you've already ducked the bullet and paid your dues with the in-laws? The Sole Proprietor doesn't ask any questions as the Sole Proprietor appreciates the invitation and is thinking what he might bring in the way of his cheesy bits and pieces contribution.

He once prepared some jumbo shrimp, frying them quickly in a wok, then cutting them vertically, but not all the way through, and stuffing the opening with a good blue cheese. He has that recipe around here somewhere, so he'll probably look at it tonight and see if it requires anything too exotic like hand and eye coordination or a serving dish without a chip in it. That and some flowers. He knows the flowers part. And wasn't there something about the way he prepared it the last time? The reason nobody ate it? Some vague memory of disaster. Perhaps he'd better marinate the shrimp overnight in beer. He has beer. Of course he'd better check to be sure.

Sole Proprietors don't get invited all that often to parties given by friends who are couples and he wants to be on his best behavior. When he was younger there was no problem, he was either dating someone or he wasn't, but either way everyone was welcome with certain exceptions that had to do with something or other, the Sole Proprietor forgets, but it wasn't alcohol or drugs, it was something to do with people who carried large caliber weapons and all those similarly outfitted folks who were looking for them out around town.

OK. This is far enough. Have you ever seen how Guinness pours from the can? That wonderful fall out of foam as it settles to the bottom? The Sole Proprietor would like to look at that again right now, but somehow he seems to be out of beer.

The banner photograph was taken outside the Marriott Hotel on 10th in downtown Oakland at an ecology conference. Again, the Sole Proprietor doesn't know the lady but has known the fish now for a number of years.