A little spice
        for a grey day.

Monday, a Good Day after a Good Weekend

The Sole Proprietor hasn't given up on his journal thing just because he missed his entries for the weekend. It would be nice to say the Sole Proprietor has a life and spent it out whooping it up with a fast crowd, but he spent it working on his home page and a bunch of links that needed mending. Still not finished, but he got a lot of work done and is pleased with the result.

He likes to break up all this grey copy with pictures every now and then. The few he added to the 11th and 12th entries looked nice, but he stole them from other sites and that can't go on forever. He can't rely on other Journal Ring members to post photographs that he can, um, borrow, so he'll have to make some of his own.

There's a link now on his home page titled "This Weeks Photographs" which he'll get under way this next weekend and post new ones every weekend thereafter. The idea is to put a few things up from whatever the Sole Proprietor has been photographing that week no matter what and if all he's got is an out of focus blurred whatever, well, that's what will go up on the page.

With the need to put something up every week, maybe it will sharpen his eye, even if he only shoots in the downtown Oakland area around his office during lunch. With the day turning night before he gets home and the mornings not much more to talk about, he'll have to get creative and finally do the indoor studio work he's been threatening (for a year now). They're called product shots and winter is a good time to learn how to do them.

Another ambition has been to do portraits and starting with products, maybe he'll work himself up to people. He'll be ready for that soon enough and he'd like to have fun with costumes and such, much like some of the photographers he knew during the music days who shot album covers. It looked like fun. Probably a lot of work, which will undoubtedly slow him down to a crawl, but that's all right, it's a hobby remember. Remember?

Anyone that's read this far (All two of you.), would you please make an entry in the guest book? The Sole Proprietor will be a little embarassed if after a month there aren't any. Someone might interpret it as a comment on the size of his vast social network of web surfing friends. Maybe he does have a wide circle of friends who have lives of their own and simply don't spend a lot of time surfing the net so that's why no one makes entries in his guest book. Could be.

THE PHOTOGRAPH was taken this summer at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. The Sole Proprietor used it as a sort of button under his "Commentary with Photographs" section dated July 3rd and it is used here to spice up an otherwise ho hum journal entry. He thinks this still falls within the bounds of Journal Ring decency. This was shot, after all, in the middle of Market street with 250,000 people watching and more police than you can shake a stick at keeping order so the ladies could ride on their way.


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