Friday the 13th

Ah, yes. A little scattered today, the Sole Proprietor is.

He's been looking at his site and realizing that he's got to bring the rest of his images over from NBBC.COM and straighten out the links. He has stuff that needs to be brought out of its primitive past, such as the Red Ink Railroad and the "Under $10 Lunches in Oakland" sections and introduce them to modern nineteenth century technique.

The Sole Proprietor works near the Oakland Civic Center and goes to lunch every day with his Anarchist technical buddies who, as a group, are devoted to searching out the finer cheap neighborhood restaurants. These are not necessarily eateries worth driving many miles to visit or to take a potential main squeeze on a first date, but they're not bad. The Sole Proprietor doesn't really know anything about food and as a bachelor his cooking habits are, um, traditional for his type so any restaurants he might include will be reviewed by similarly marginal experts for review and, should this process fail, he will submit the entry to Ms. Woo, who's word, of course, is final.

There is a "Recipe" section. Note the comment above about what the Sole Proprietor knows about food. He does occasionally play with cooking implements in his kitchen and he has more than one cookbook that he's purchased for himself, but like the Red Ink Railroad that seems to chug on forever on a single foot of ballasted track, the kitchen environment remains one of the lesser used rooms in the house.

The Sole Proprietor may just junk some of it. He's in a slash, burn and delete mode, but what good is life without a list of things on the "to do" list? Forget the fact they will always be on the "to do" list not unlike New Year's resolutions that are pulled out at the turn of the year every year, the list unchanged. Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan had a comment on the subject, but the Sole Proprietor doesn't quite remember what it was. Something about good intentions and how they weren't all that bad. There's probably a gotcha there somewhere or perhaps the Sole Proprietor is exercising selective memory but he seems to remember that under certain circumstances, good intentions are all right. The Sole Proprietor said he as scattered. He is.

Well, enough. The office was quiet as his manager and her manager are out of the office these last three days and there's not a lot of pressure from last minute off the wall extraneous the world is burning got to get it done right now emergency events. A good time to catch up on things. Do a little work on the intranet.


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