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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 9, 2016


Wednesday. We stayed up listening to the radio and watching the returns on the tablet until well after eleven, awakening again briefly at two in the morning to again check the radio for confirmation that Trump had won the election. Still awoke at five-thirty, after what I'd have to assume was not enough sleep, but up easily enough to walk to and from breakfast on a new morning.

There aren't all that many people at my breakfast café when I arrive an hour before they start serving food from the menu, but some conversation about the election. Need time to think about it, see how much is really known about Trump and whether or not he follows through with even half his election pronouncements. Climate change comes first to mind, but there are a good many others.

But that's to know in the future, just not sure how soon.

The haircut appointment at noon, the blood test after one and I need to go by an ATM and pick up two vitamin refills in downtown Oakland. So stuff to do. Oh, and there are packages arriving later, probably when I'm out running around.

Later. A bus to the ATM on Broadway, the vision having some of the usual, but minor, focusing problems, a walk then to the Rite Aid pharmacy, taking (an out of focus) picture of the Tribune building window broken last night in a demonstration after the Trump election. A friend, a Tribune reporter, had been shooting a phone video of the marchers from inside the building video showing the projectile coming at the window and breaking it.

Got the two vitamins at the pharmacy, got the haircut in the City Center, caught a bus right after on Broadway to the lab to have the blood drawn. Nice to catch the bus so easily and so quickly. Knock on wood for the next one.

I'd arrived early before the lab opened at one, so had a sandwich out on a patio in front of a small café in front of the building. Had the blood drawn, took a picture of the progress at the apartment house construction site across the street from the hospital (they'd made progress since last month's lab test and photograph) and then walked back along Broadway to Grand. No bus. Tired.

Caught the bus at Grand just as I arrived at the stop to arrive tired and more interested in taking a nap than dealing with anything real.

I discovered one of the packages had arrived as I set out for downtown and the second arrived soon after I returned. Lucked out.

Evening. Tired after I got home with the sinus-upper palate thing acting up and so a dose of the pain meds that seemed, after lying down for a while, to have done the trick. Again, I'm taking fewer of them, but they do seem to work. Not as well as I'd like, but enough to make them useful. Worthwhile. Best to keep them around.

Tired of listening to the news pundits talk about the election, although I did listen to an hour interview on the radio with James Fallows, someone I've read and followed with interest over the years. Listened lying on the bed while those meds kicked in.

Ended up checking and then watching the Charlie Rose group discuss Trump and the election, feeling more wide awake than I had earlier, but then to bed. Too early to be turning out the lights at nine and so we're probably not yet adjusted to gaining that hour from the cancellation of Daylight Savings time.

The photo up top was taken early Saturday afternoon by Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 300mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.