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November 3, 2016

After All

Thursday. Lights out right after the game last night, getting to sleep easily and early, an infinitely better experience than those we've had these last few days. The lungs were sitting at the edge of coughing, but remained stalled at the edge, and so easily enough to sleep, awakening at five-thirty and feeling OK. Well, better than I have been feeling.

Leery enough that I didn't want to walk, though, something I'd done yesterday without any issues. The runny nose slightly more a problem when eating, but otherwise things seem OK.

Home, checking to see if the Adobe software I use for photographs and the journal had upgraded properly, firing up the computer before leaving for breakfast instead of firing it up when I got home to make sure it was finished by the time I'd returned. A bigger deal upgrade than I'd realized and, although I only use four of their programs, they took a longer time than usual to install, even though I'd started some of the upgrades last night.

Dreamweaver, their HTML editor, the program I'm using now, has gone through a total revamp and I'm no longer sure I know how to use it right now. It's loading way too slowly, the format is entirely different, half the colors have changed to the point I'm bitching about it here. Perhaps a sign we're feeling better as we've shifted our fretting from what may have been an oncoming chest cold to the god damned software we use on the computer.

Later. Watched the last episode of Goliath on the tablet. Strange piece. Very good, different, probably a necessary watch for anyone who's interested in movies/serials, but I'm not sure I'd want to watch it again. Good in the sense it surprises you, brings you right into the oddball characters, less good in the sense it's able to get your head into their miserable upsets. And they are characters who experience a pile of miserable upsets.

Still, it's noon, it's seventy degrees outside and I'm thinking a good test of this “I'm feeling better” business would be to set out for a walk. Just writing that brings on some doubt.

Still, a walk to the café by the fitness center for an ice cream sandwich and coffee. Nice day, could easily have worn a t-shirt instead of a long sleeved shirt. The eye focusing problem is gone, the sinus-upper palate is active, active enough I'd taken a dose of the pain meds to see if they'd relieve the aching after all these promises to myself that I wouldn't. After an hour they're still aching, but maybe somewhat better. Maybe. Same old, same old.

A walk after to the lake to sit on a bench by the white column pergola, taking a couple of pictures just to take a couple of pictures. Then home. The lungs seem back to something close to normal. Maybe that flu shot I got last month had a hand in stopping it, maybe not, but no regrets about getting the shot.

This Dreamweaver HTML editor is beginning to make more sense, but the “upgrade” has indeed been radical. Not so the Lightroom and Photoshop upgrades, as they still look like they did before the upgrade, the menus unchanged. Still, I suspect Adobe has stirred up some crap in their user community if everyone else is experiencing what I've been experiencing.

Evening. So far, so good, other than Dreamweaver. Opening and closing files is taking forever and waiting for the software itself to load takes even longer. Could it be some weird piece of malware that managed to get into the computer? Did I manage to screw the pooch in some now long forgotten download error?

You're the techie.

I know enough to understand the issues, but tracking down malware that gets by the anti-virus software is something that would take me too long to find and address and so my solution would be to re-initialize the computer. Takes time, makes you frustrated, starting again from scratch, it does. Just thinking about it makes for babbling about it at too great length here.

No one's worried about the babble. You long ago lost anyone who started reading this by now.

OK, back to the usual: no sign of an incipient chest cold. Very good. Head clear except for the sinuses and upper palate. Good. Watched the first half of a new episode of Code Black that played last night on the tablet. Depressing damned series of depressing episodes. Bad. Depressing is depressing, after all.

The photo up top was taken at the 2015 Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.