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Here In Oakland

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November 1, 2016


Tuesday. I did get into the Amazon series Goliath on the tablet last night. They say you shouldn't watch a lot of stuff on a LED display just before going to sleep, the blue shift in the spectrum tells your brain it's bright daylight and interferes with the mind when it's trying to turn out the lights. And I did watch it for well over an hour. Maybe that's why getting to sleep was a bitch. We shall say no more, but last night could have been better.

Awake then at seven, running a hour late. A walk to breakfast, still feeling logy, decided on the single pork chop with country potatoes, fruit cup, toast and coffee. Still feeling logy after. OK. A walk home in the bright sun, after documenting the four cent fall in the price of regular (we still do this, long after there seems to be any conceivable reason for it), to then get home with this logy business still intact.

Which means?

Posting late before heading to the bedroom for a nap.

Later. This day has been screwed up. Or at least I've been screwed up, the head funky, the eyes focusing at various distances only with effort. Tired too, although not so much that I can get to sleep. This after a really good day yesterday?

Some thought it could be some kind of funk brought on by skipping the pain meds this morning, but these issues were already in place when I awoke. Haven't experienced any increased sinus activity and so I'm thinking stopping the meds didn't have a part. I left the pain meds out when I filled the weekly plastic pill container yesterday, figuring it was time to see if they actually made a difference.

I did get in a walk over to the lake, the sun dodging in and out behind the clouds, to sit for not all that long before returning to the apartment. Still the focusing problems, still the funky head.

Evening. Forgot the game, remembering finally and dialing in at the end of the first inning, the Cubs ahead, three to one. Soon to be seven to one. Hmm. A hint to where this game is headed.

Feeling a bit better, the vision not there yet, but better, the sinuses behaving. Sort of. We'll know more tomorrow. I've been more than once tempted to take the pain meds, see if it would have an effect on the sinuses or if it would cure the focusing problem, but we'll hold off and see if we experience the same things tomorrow.

Watched the three Charlie Rose guests discuss the current state of the election, the nose and the right eye feeling better. Again, really curious to see how we'll feel (the sinus, the eye and I) tomorrow. The game is in the ninth inning and it isn't looking good for the Indians.

The photo up top was taken at the 2015 Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Street Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.