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Here In Oakland

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November 28, 2015


Saturday. Kind of a funky uneven night's sleep, but up and wide awake to drive to breakfast on another cold clear morning. Went to feed the parking meter and was pleasantly surprised to see the meter say today was another holiday. I'd read they'd included yesterday, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but hadn't thought they'd include today as well, give us the entire weekend. Small favors, but happily received.

I do feel more energy today than I have lately, not just a loss through this holiday, you expect that, but off over these last several months. Dragging on doing any and every this or that. Pay the bills and such so far with no problems, but there's stuff I need to take care of around here (and endlessly complaining about) and for whatever reason, this morning, I'm thinking I'll tackle them right now. Hup! We've said this so many times, maybe we're just sitting here spinning our little training wheels, the four year old kid on his bicycle.

Later. A brisk walk to the Lakeshore ATM, the idea being to pick up envelopes needed in today's tasks and including the ATM since it was not that much farther on. Cold out there. Bundled up with a winter coat and sweater, should have added a scarf. Still, envelopes in hand, sitting at the desk now, let's put them in play.

The large pile of recent mail has been sorted and progress made with the replacement health insurance, now that I've reread the package I received from my old company (that's dropping all of us retirees from their retirement health plan). I should have it done by the end of the day tomorrow. Which is good as it's due by January 1st. Oh, and the letter correcting the camera and lens serial numbers is ready to send. Another entry deleted from a now shorter to-do list.

A walk to the apartment house construction site taking a couple of pictures and then having a cruller and coffee at the corner café. Looks like we're not going to be taking any more pictures over that now completed fence though, holding a camera up over the head won't work.

Evening. A reasonably clear headed day. The plain waffle with sliced fruit for breakfast didn't throw the head of of whack. Watched too much television and we'll probably watch too much of something on the tablet later, now that we've burned out cleaning up the desk. I would guess.

The photo up top was taken last Saturday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.