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November 20, 2015

Second Day

Friday. Lights out at eleven after watching Elementary on the tablet. Don't ask me why I make the effort to watch it at ten instead of watching it the next morning, this morning, over the web. I have no more idea why I'm willing to stay up late than I can tell you why I watch it in the first place other than habit and some semblance of loyalty to the Sherlockian Canon (and Ms. Liu). Anyway, to sleep late and awake early (before six), to keep it all in balance.

And you're not tired?

Not now, maybe later.

Up early and a drive to breakfast, remembering I'd forgotten to run the Protime blood thinner test yesterday. I glanced at the calendar a number of times yesterday, hard not to as the calendar stares at you above the kitchen sink, but didn't register the red circles circled around the Thursdays, the brain off somewhere else. Interesting, unless it should lead one day to forgetting your address or your head.

Later. Out the door to catch the ten o'clock bus to Latham Square to take the standard set of pictures and then return on the bus to the apartment house construction site to first have a pastry and a small coffee before shooting a set of pictures to bring them current. Well, they weren't scheduled until Monday, but if you're there you might as well push the shutter.

And thus back to the apartment by eleven. I'd run the Protime test before setting out and the strips you use to channel the blood into the meter failed. Twice. I have just one left. We'll give it a try later. The error message didn't give any clue as to why they failed, they just failed, and so now there will be phone calls and questions.

See what happens when you forget?

I'm blaming it on humidity or the phase of the moon, I don't think it had to do with my being a day late.

Later still. Put together another two sections of apartment house photographs after processing today's photographs, which now brings the sites current. So good. Maybe see if I can put another section together for Latham Square later this evening and they'll both be current. My, my. Unexpected.

There's a climate change march and demonstration scheduled to kick off tomorrow morning by the lake and so that will hopefully suck up any and all photography over the weekend. If I'm lucky. We need the pictures.

Evening. Watched New Tricks at seven. I'd seen it before, but only marginally remembered how it had gone. Perhaps there's an advantage to not always understanding their accents. Hard to make out critical words, hard to remember, makes watching it again painless, particularly when you're playing along on the guitar.

For what? Fifteen minutes?


That last Protime test strip failed, by the way. They're sending me another set second day UPS.

The photo up top was taken some ten years ago while going through some pictures taken at APL.