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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 12, 2015

Can Tell

Thursday. Another decent night's sleep, awakening at six-twenty to get up and get out the door to walk to breakfast on a clear and cool to cold morning, the waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas today's fare. We remain a couple of pounds under one fifty-five, which feels about right, but don't want to kid ourself we need to go lower. Don't need to go lower. I don't think. Here in Oakland on a sunny morning.

Still don't invest enough care when shooting the one or two pictures I take most mornings of the pandorea flowers. I need to stop in front of them and shoot a proper picture. White, bright, flowers require manual camera adjustments and, from the look of them, better focus. Similar thoughts about the gas price pictures. Early morning bright sun causes the mind to blow south? Sloth slithers in?

You don't really care about any of this or else you'd do something about it.

Care is the crux. I do care, but not enough. Becoming sloppier with age, the first thing we blame? Loss of interest? Does it matter?

It should.

I know. The reason I bring it up.

Later. At ten-thirty I was thinking I didn't really want to go downtown, I can certainly put it off until tomorrow. At eleven I was thinking, yes indeed, let's catch a bus and a bus I did catch.

Off at Latham Square to take a set of pictures, including pictures from the Rotunda building stairwell window, then off to the pharmacy to pickup the prescription. No lines, no waiting, although I still missed the return bus by thirty seconds. Well, a minute.

Still, setting out the thought had been to get lunch, halfway hungry for a change, and so a tuna fish bagel sandwich and coffee at the City Center bagel shop, sitting inside this time as it was chilly. Cold, for these old(er) bones.

Finished in time to just catch the bus to the apartment house construction site stop and take another set of pictures there, the sun bright and at an angle that causes the lens to flare. We should do something about that, it's been happening now for months and months. But we haven't. Months and months. Sounds familiar.

Remembered the Protime home blood thinner test, ran the test when I got home (I didn't remember until I was coming home on the bus), the results looking quite good and so calling them in to the automated call center, the day's tasks done. If you don't count watching Elementary later this evening at ten.

You still watch that thing.

I guess some things don't need a reason, an obvious reason, other than I like Lucy Liu, I've always liked the Holmes stories (with few exceptions) and staying up past ten one night a week doesn't seem to bring on Armageddon. Just a little Geddon.

Evening. Finally got to today's photographs. There's generally around twenty of them needing processing on a day with two construction site photo sessions and the task usually takes a couple of hours. Didn't want to start earlier, finally got into them and then zipped right on through on auto pilot, no complaints. First complaints and then, magically, no complaints.

We're drifting.

Not sure anymore I can tell.

The photo up top was taken in 1972 of Carol Doda at the Rip Off Press in San Francisco with a Canon 35mm camera on Tri-X.