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Here In Oakland

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November 6, 2015

Or More

Friday. And I did stay up late in bed and watch Elementary last night on the tablet. Up this morning at the usual time at fifteen minutes after six, felt pretty good, no damage from staying up late (until later). The annual physical later this morning at eleven and then we're ready for the weekend, another Dia de los Muertos event in the Fruitvale district this Sunday.

A walk to breakfast, no thought to drive, a walk back home at close to nine, the sky clear, the sun shining, the temperature cool to cold. Well, cold to breakfast (cold for a Californian) and cool walking home. It will be warmer later, but nothing like it's been. So good.

Later. A drive to the doctor's appointment leaving early enough (I always leave too early) I decided to drop the car off at the Honda dealer for a routine service and then walk to the doctor's office and not arrive so damned early, taking care of two tasks with one trip. Which I did.

Went through the physical, got a shot protecting against pneumonia, set up an appointment for a colonoscopy and headed out the door to walk to the bus stop on Grand, passing by the Cat Town Café, a place where you can buy coffee and adopt (if you're so inclined) a cat.

The place is full of cats you can pet as you're drinking your coffee, a sign suggesting you let them approach you and not approach them. A single picture of the window as I passed it by on Broadway. I'd read about places like this, maybe it was an article about this particular café, but either way I'd had no idea this is where one might be located. Are there others? An idea who's time has come? Rampant gentrification along Oakland's auto row?

Fine, a bus at the Grand stop off Broadway home to wait on a call from the Honda people which arrived after one. Two short hours to service the car. A bus to Broadway, another bus to pick up the car and drive to the burger place on the way home for that steak sandwich I've been threatening to get now for the last two days. They were out of steak. Ah, well. I hadn't been completely sold on the idea. Home to listen to the news and lie down for an hour. A long day around here, a good day, but no need to overdo it.

Evening. A New Tricks I may or may not have seen before at seven. Doesn't much matter. Some short time on the guitar as I was watching. The Dalziel and Pasco that followed kept me for about five minutes before heading to bed, the shoulder still a bit sore from that shot at the doctor's office this morning. Nothing over the top, just the usual jolt to let you know it was there when moving your arm or lying down on that side. Stuff to remind you how your day has gone.

Doesn't help in remembering whether you've seen a particular movie or television show or not, though.

Memory, not unlike the sore shoulder, something to get your modest attention, now and again, something to ponder as much as a minute or more.

The photo up top was taken at the Dias de los Muertos celebration at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.