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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 4, 2015


Wednesday. I did get to bed early and to sleep early last night after a day of avoiding finishing the day's photographs and the journal, but a good day for all that. Awake and up at quarter past six to drive to breakfast. Not good, the driving, not good on a clear sunny morning when you want to get your walking in, but these things happen.

Finished breakfast at five minutes to eight (the meters kick in at eight), putting on my sun glasses as I exited the restaurant and walked over to take a couple of pandorea flower pictures. People waiting on the bus to arrive, so snap! snap! and done, reaching for my sun glasses. No sun glasses in the jacket pocket. Had I forgotten to bring the sun glasses? Thought about that as I entered the car. Had I somehow left them at the restaurant table? I don't take them out at breakfast, they stay in the pocket.

Started the car and realized I was wearing the sun glasses. How long had I spent wondering what I'd done with them without a clue they were sitting in the usual place on my face? How many jokes/stories/cartoons have you heard or seen about someone (at a more advanced age) looking for glasses they were wearing? We'll assume we're not unique here, it's not sign of imminent Alzheimer's and use it (this once) as a story, a joke, a comment on the life and how we're faring.

Home on another sunny, cool, autumn morning. Life in the fast lane here with photographs to process and web sections to fashion. And maybe a nap, although I suspect we got more sleep last night than we have in a while. Maybe one of those steak sandwiches at the now reopened burger place across the way. We have been coming in at under a hundred and fifty-five now in the mornings for some time.

What's that about?

I don't know. It varies, but the weight seems to creep lower, even though I eat pretty much whatever, whenever I'm hungry. Doesn't need to go much lower before we start having to rap its knuckles.

Later. Haven't done much more than read news sites and goof off through the rest of the morning. Still thinking of a steak sandwich at the burger stop, but not at all hungry and no impetus to go get one to see if I could get it down. An odd duality thinking I'd like to get one, but the body saying no. Trust your body, I guess.

A very brief walk over to the lake and then right back, the burger stop quite visible in the distance, but again, no go, sitting here now putting together two more sections of apartment house construction site photographs. Thought of doing three, but two were fun and some wiser voice inside me said don't go for three. Which, in retrospect, since I'd now still be futzing with them, was good advice. Fun enough, the first two, less fun a third.

Trust your body said the sage.

Let's leave the sage stuff to the sages, we're flaky enough as it is right here.

Evening. Nothing on television, although I managed to switch back and forth between to police procedurals during their ad breaks. There's more than enough advertising on these commercial stations to follow two programs, switching between them when one or the other is pitching you on miracle drugs and (low cost!) car insurance.


And to bed and to sleep early again, we've spent enough time today on that damned tablet.

The photo up top was taken at the Dias de los Muertos celebration at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.