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November 1, 2015

You're Out

Sunday. To bed not long after nine, to sleep within a decent time, awake at six-thirty (seven-thirty Daylight Savings time). In other words it worked: an extra hour's sleep to awaken when it was light! We are pleased.

A drive to breakfast, both clouds and sun, they're saying a chance of rain showers later today and into the evening. Which we can use. Redundant to say that, we're rain beggars in this new climate warming age and a wet El Niño winter isn't going to be enough to bring us back to normal. They say, anyway. Doesn't really matter if I believe them or not and who knows what “normal” is/will be anymore.

But you do.

Believe it's happening, scared we don't know how far it's going to take us down this very problematic road.

Stuff to do on that “to do” list I talked about yesterday, but did nothing to accomplish. Don't feel the kind of low level do nothing tiredness of yesterday and so maybe we'll be better at getting to them today. There are deadlines looming on our horizon.

Later. A walk over to the lake thinking I was hungry (I was), but the sinues-upper palate thing was acting up and therefore feeling a bit wobbly. Didn't stay at the lake, but ended up looping around to the café on the corner opposite the apartment house construction site at Bellevue, where I had a ginger flavored cupcake of some kind (dense, hard and tasty) and coffee, leaving to head straight home and climb into bed with the fan at the foot because it was too warm. Sounds familiar.

And so a movie (part of a movie) on the tablet before getting up again in mid-afternoon, the temperature better. No signs of rain, but a not particularly threatening looking cloud cover with gaps from which the sun appears now and again. Still, the balcony sliding door is now open, the air quite comfortable.

The annual doctor's checkup is scheduled for the end of the week, we'll go over the various sinus-palate symptoms and the rest, see if we need to schedule another neurologist's checkup. Not sure it will help, but might as well, sometimes this doctor stuff works out.

Later still. Some football, some tablet, some this, some that, another dose of the pain meds just to see if they'd help. Make a difference. Can't tell. Better this mid to late afternoon than it was this morning, but maybe that's because I'm taking it easy inside, not walking, not doing whatever it is I was doing to make things worse. No worse than yesterday, but no better. “Funky” more than “worse», but funky can get old.

You're bitching.

I'm, well, I'm just mentioning. Enjoyed watching the football well enough. Don't care if the Raiders win or lose, but they won. Nice to see the Sea Hawks win, coming from Seattle, but then the world would not end if they hadn't. Maybe just a Sunday afternoon in November, had better, had worse.

Evening. I hadn't been quite clear they were playing the fifth game of the series today in New York. Not another memory glitch, just haven't been paying enough attention. Another good to see if the Mets can win, but no skin off the nose if they don't. Still, nice to have the game on, sitting down to watch now and again if only to have an excuse to pick up the guitar.

Interesting finish. Ego seems to have driven Harvey to demand he stay in to pitch through the ninth inning and I was thinking..., ah, well, what do I know about baseball beyond three strikes and you're out?

The photo up top was taken while walking home along Grand from breakfast yesterday morning with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.