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Here In Oakland

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November 29, 2014


Saturday. Well, OK. Another ten hour plus night's sleep, to bed by nine, awake at seven-thirty, up once to take a leak. And the sun is coming out to the west. They were saying sun on Sunday, I seem to recall, but it can some any time it likes.

So good, the attitude good, breakfast eaten, maybe do something now that we have the day ahead. Dinner at a local restaurant with the Leedham's this evening so the day will end well.

Later. I drove over to, well, I'm not exactly sure where, but a steam locomotive restoration project where they were running one of the trains (you can book a ticket to ride), with my sister and we managed some photographs as the engine arrived.

My usual morning feeling funky with the dry mouth and such, but a good outing, getting back to the house around one. In time for a nap. Some sun, as mentioned, they're saying a good chance for most of tomorrow, so a good day today followed, no doubt, by another. Time marches on.

I take it it's still cold?

Oh, yeah, but warmer in the sun. I read where it's raining in the Bay Area. Good for them. Get it out of their system before I return.

Evening. Off to somewhere in Portland for dinner at the Tarbough which turned out to have really excellent food. Lebanese. I have many things left to learn in this life and Lebanese cuisine is one less entry on the list.

You know all about Lebanese cuisine now?

I know something about how they prepare chicken and those lamb dishes the others were having looked pretty good.

Back for another early to bed. I'm getting good at this going to sleep at eight and sleeping until eight. I'm pleasantly surprised.

The photo up top was taken this evening at the TarBough restaurant with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f/1.4 G Nikkor lens.