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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


November 26, 2014

In My Head

Wednesday. To bed not long after seven and to sleep right away. Hey. Up at seven-thirty. I must have been not so much tired as sleepy. Really sleepy. Nice. I'm quite surprised. When's the last time I've slept for close to twelve hours?

A drive to and around and about downtown Portland with my sister to photograph this and that along a spot she's taken me to in the past by the river. Nice to not have to drive, stopping at a foot/bike path we've visited before. Had no idea who was behind this door after reading the sign.

A stop by Bannings on the way back from the downtown Portland photography outing for lunch. Hungry enough, although I skipped the pie that came with the meal. Here now at the house to futz with these pictures on a laptop that's too old to be futzing with (these) pictures anymore.

The latest Lightroom that I use on the home computer won't load on the older operating system on this laptop and the earlier version that is able run can't open D4s photographs, which I should have remembered from the last time I used it on the road. We'll survive. We did that last time I did this.

A walk over to a neighbor's house after where my sister has committed to take a group photograph of their family on Friday to check out the lighting at the location in the house where they wanted the photograph taken. Had I known about it when I set out I would have brought an additional light and radio slaves. But I didn't. Brought too much crap as it was.

Evening. Still a bit tired. I suspect we may get to bed early again. Maybe it's the fresh (colder) air. Maybe it's the air rattling around in my head. Might be doing us good.

The photo up top was taken while out taking photographs with my sister by the Columbia River in Portland with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.