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November 10, 2014

Getting Older

Monday. Lights out by ten, up with the alarm. A little slow, but a good start none the less. Noticed as I was taking the morning meds - I keep them in the small plastic containers, one compartment for each day of the week - that the blood thinner wasn't there with the others. I visually check, just in case. I do it every day, but had I done it yesterday - yes, I had - but had I missed noticing the thinner was missing? And, if it was missing, how many days might I have missed taking the damned thing? Two? I refilled it last week starting on Saturday.

OK, at worst another demonstration of distraction, short-term memory loss, no longer uncommon, but this time a little disturbing. We'll know when we check the blood on Thursday. (I did reorder supplies for the test device two weeks back? I certainly think I did, although the resupply has yet to arrive.) You see the problem.

Anyway, what the hell, up with the alarm and off to breakfast on a foggy morning, they're saying it will clear later. I read in the Chronicle they'd run the Veterans Day Parade on Sunday and not, as the web site I'd Googled last week to check had said tomorrow on Tuesday (Veterans Day itself). I'd wondered at the time when marking it on the calendar. They usually run it on a weekend. Another memory thing or just an unlucky hit on a misinformed web site. Couldn't be I'd read it wrong. Right?

We see where this is going.

One hopes not too rapidly for our sakes. Sake.

Later. I did Google the Veterans Day Parade and looked at some of the sites Google marked as sites I'd looked at in the recent past. Many didn't give a date, but the ones that did said it was on Sunday, the 9th. So what was I smoking when I first looked?

The rest of the morning was spent in a nap, some actual sleep, up to take another hit of the pain meds and get the head together before going outside to photograph whatever progress they're making on the construction site. Naps are good, taking pills for the sinus-upper palate thing (mostly sinuses at the moment) are a drag and depressing.

Maybe something different in the lens I put on one of the cameras is the thought. Stir the juices, awaken the eye. Why not?

Later still. One in the afternoon, over to the construction site with the 12-24mm lens on one of the cameras taking all of three pictures. The second camera had the 24-120mm lens, although I managed somehow to knock the lens shade off switching between cameras and, in putting it back on, managed (discovering this when I returned and looked at the pictures) to re-seat it improperly, creating black shadows on either side of the images. Haven't done that in a while. Can't really remember if I've ever done it, not at all clear on what really happened. OK. Another lesson learned. The day stumbles on.

A bus downtown to sit at (the same) table in front of the bagel shop with a small coffee and a Cinnamon roll at one-thirty in the afternoon, the sun and the air warm enough to be wearing a t-shirt, but just barely. No complaints, no problems walking back to the apartment thinking I'd skip taking any more pictures at the construction site and then, at the last minute, turning up Bellevue and shooting a few, if only to get one or two decent ones with the 24-120mm lens shade screwed on right.

An interesting day. Memory lapses caught and cataloged, camera screw-ups while shooting and a bus downtown, walking all the way back and getting in some exercise. The attitude is better, a little flat this morning, I'm looking forward to taking the train to Portland later this month and changing the environment. Might actually have conversations with people for a change. Holiday excitement.

Evening. Playing Pink Floyd's The Endless River album that arrived this afternoon. Wasn't sure what I was expecting, but their going away album, what the hell - how many hours did I spend in the seventies listening to their music? - and so I placed the order. Not bad. Beyond expectations. Not bad at all.

I watched a Netflix movie on the tablet in bed in the late afternoon and, I more than suspect, slipped into a light weight ocular thing of some kind, the mouth feeling and tasting like a hay stack when I finally got up, ate something and allowed the world to chill out. I had that Cinnamon roll and coffee with sugar for lunch (I know, I know) and two strips of bacon, eggs and country potatoes for breakfast. The bacon? No way to tell, could as easily have been the phase of the moon for all I know.

Anyway, to bed early this evening. Nothing I want to watch on television, find it close to impossible anymore to watch Inspector Morse, a series I generally liked years back. The brain is either shorting out or getting wiser with these years. Just don't like the character much. Cranky old man getting older.

The photo up top was taken at the Fruitvale Dia Del Los Muertos Festival with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.