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November 21, 2012

Such Is Life
Wednesday. To bed at a good hour, before ten, up with the alarm, fighting it a bit, but nothing too terrible. Off to breakfast and back on this overcast drizzly morning, not sure what the rest of the day is going to look like, home now futzing with yesterday's entry before posting. My guitar lesson at eleven, we're sort of up for that. And the supermarket after. Do you think it may be crowded just before noon, the day before Thanksgiving?

Later. The guitar lesson went very well as I somehow managed to whip through the finger picking exercise lickety split with minor errors revisions and the chord sequence was done in a way vaguely reminiscent of actual music. To my ears, anyway. So good. Reasonably coherent and rational throughout the session.

The parking lot was full with cars waiting in line in the lot at the supermarket, so we skipped the supermarket after the lesson and went by the morning café for lunch (a turkey and Swiss sandwich, ice cream and coffee) to then returned to the apartment to take a nap. Just like that. A nap. A close to two hour nap, awakening to the sound of the phone playing Layla in the living room. My, my.

I suspect, since the mouth was a little dry when I awoke (I'd been lying on top of the bed spread in a sweat soaked long sleeved shirt) I assume I managed some kind of reaction to the lunch. That and the odd hallucinogenic way I stepped into consciousness. Maybe it wasn't the lunch, but the time of day or the (you) fill in the blank. Probably best to have them while you're asleep though, particularly as these things seem to be becoming more prevalent.

Later still. Another hour and a half nap. Just like that. Took off the damp long sleeved shirt and lay down again, just for a minute, and went right out. The day is coming together now, finally, but at five in the afternoon?

Evening. A passable Australian police procedural at six, a more interesting (it has turned out as I've been watching it now for this the third chapter) French police procedural following it at seven. Just the sort of stuff to have playing in the background while you're going through your new guitar lesson, the chord changes in one half of the lesson coming together rather nicely, although they started like crap, the finger picking we'll know about a little later when I get to them. Maybe a half hour into a session now so far, I'd like to get close to two in total. Best to start your week up on the curve so you don't spend the rest of the week always trying to catch up. He said.

I'm thinking of taking care of the last of the bedroom rearranging tomorrow. I figure if I won't do it on a regular day during a week, maybe I'll make progress on a big time holiday. Sounds good saying it the night before, I might not even remember I've said such a thing by morning.

To be early this night, we'll see how the day goes tomorrow when we sleep in, no breakfast café to go to in the morning, see if that makes any difference in the way the day unfolds.

And if it doesn't?

Well, as the man said, I guess: “Such is life.”

The photo up top was taken taken while waiting on a bus on Broadway yesterday late morning after a haircut with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.