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November 16, 2011

Tend To Stack Up

Wednesday. I'm wondering what causes foot cramps when you're in bed at night, asleep and sometimes not at sleep? I seem to have had an episode or two in the past that lasted, well, I'm not sure how long, but not all that long. A change in the weather? I'll look it up as they got me up last night three times, the last time half an hour before the alarm was due to go off. So, up a little early, off to breakfast and back, my guitar lesson ahead at ten. Maybe go through the lesson one more time just to underline the errors.

You do go on about the guitar lessons.

I would say I never feel “guilty” as such about not preparing for anything else. I don't really even think about it in other contexts, but I do have this low level nagging “worry” I'm not doing as well as I should be with the guitar. A hold over from my grade school days learning the piano and then the clarinet? Could be. I don't remember those later lessons fondly. My clarinet instructor gave up on me finally when I was taking lessons in New York. Which he should, as I was fighting it. Now I'm not fighting it except with this nagging, again low level but real, feeling I'm not well enough prepared.

Be prepared.

Tom Lehrer had a song about that.

No one remembers that song.

You never know.

Later. We survived. We did. Still need to go through the same lesson, play the pieces straight through instead of just going over the individual notes and chord changes in pieces, but progress. You know: hup, hup? The sun is out, the day is bright, we'll get out and about soon and see what's happening downtown. Or not. Might be getting into a rut here, going downtown every day. Maybe go there for lunch, no walking around the City Hall, although I'm curious to see if there are people there doing the usual things with signs, Yoga and stuff. They're allowing anyone access at any time, just not their tents. No tents.

Evening. OK, a slow afternoon with a short walk over to the lake taking all of three pictures, none of them worth posting. Still, a slow day is not altogether bad, we're due for one is my thought.

A drive downtown lucking out parking on 12th next to the City Center, a BART ride downtown to meet some of the usual crew at Harrington's at five, a couple of hours and a couple of Guinness listening to them discuss business, I in my now usual routine of listening and staying quiet, a BART ride back and a drive home stopping at the local 7-11 look-alike to pick up something to eat. I won't even say what it was, I got down two bites and dumped it in the trash. OK, not the end of the world, not really hungry for some unknown reason. To bed early, start this day over. Another doctor's appointment in Palo Alto, but again, it's the end of the year and the annual exams tend to stack up.

The photograph was taken along 14th Street beside the now cleared out Oakland Occupy Wall Street encampment on November 15th with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.