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November 10, 2011

Sooner Than Later

Thursday. Let's see, how did it go last night? To bed and to sleep at a decent hour before ten, up this morning with the alarm, to breakfast and back in one piece, another two cent drop in gas prices noted and photographed, only two robo-calls so far this morning on the mobile. They began with one a day from various “blocked” and “unknown” numbers, now it's up to four or five, some of them now with area codes calling from all around the country. Smartphones they're called. Smart indeed.

A drive to Mountain View for a follow up neurologist's appointment in another hour. He's going to schedule me for another MRI. I've lost count of the MRI's. They're a bother, but I guess I need to get them done. He said this was the last. One can hope. Another drive to another MRI emporium south of here soon I'd guess, one I'm sure I've been to before. I'll remember when I get there. Some advantages to short term memory loss. Maybe.

Later. An hour's drive to Mountain View in decent traffic, an hour an a half wait on the doctor: first because I was half an hour early, second because he was running an hour late. OK. A walk around the hospital complex next door, a cup of coffee and a raspberry something or other at a Peet's I found in one of the main buildings, half an hour with the doctor (yes, I'm getting another MRI, he's still chasing after the usual suspect), another hour to drive back. Tired. Yes I was. Am.

I thought some nice thoughts about blowing off Occupy later, finally laid down on the bed for about twenty minutes (it helped), then out the door (hup! hup!) and on the bus to take a turn around the encampment. More tents, more rearranged tents, more tents that had been moved. The atmosphere was reasonably laid back, a late afternoon, after all, but then feeling a little edgier than I remember from earlier in the afternoon visits. Could have been me, could have been them.

Still, some pictures, I barely scraped out another section - good - didn't want to create a processing nightmare at the tail end of a long afternoon, I'll get them done this evening. Tomorrow the Veteran's Day Parade in San Francisco and then another turn around Occupy Oakland, another long, but one hopes, productive day. Done after a good night's sleep. Tonight, sooner than later.

A note added later. A man was shot and killed in an argument in the Occupy Wall Street area at a spot where I'd taken a picture of a woman artist talking with a passerby thirty minutes before it was reported the shooting occurred. I was on a bus when it happened. I guess it was an edgier camp this afternoon.

The photograph was taken waiting on my guitar lesson to start with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-70mm f 2.8 Nikkor G lens.