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November 7, 2011

Certainly Not Me

Monday. So we let it get a little out of hand last night, watching a TV program that ended at eleven (an updated Tony Blair era British spy thing, more le Carré than Flemming) and drinking more than the two flasks of sake I like to tell myself I stay within in any given evening. The cheddar cheese and crackers were probably more damaging in the sense of crossing over the ocular migraine line.

Then again, what the hell? Up at eight instead of six, a walk to breakfast in a winter coat, but under a bright early morning sun; a walk back with the symptoms of an ocular migraine coming on, but nothing I haven't experienced before, nothing too extreme, a brief lie down on the bed when I returned to allow it to take its twenty minute course. No complaints. Not after last night.

A look at yesterday's entry. Hmm. Did I really ramble on with all of that? Rough copy, I'm afraid. We seem to be satisfied with rough copy in doing this thing. Meaning, punctuation, spelling become less common, but plenty of typo's about. But again, we're getting on in life, the ego seems to survive and one hopes there's nothing for Homeland Security to worry about.

A bit dramatic for an old fart - Homeland Security - don't you think?

We don't start thinking until it's almost two and right now it's not yet noon.

Later. I admit to considering flaking out on Occupy this afternoon, but what the hell, we are an advanced amateur (says B & H Photo), so we must follow through more often than not. Besides, I'd have wondered what in the hell I might have missed this afternoon, this day in November with a high temperature of sixty, in the middle of the fall day when the meteor arrived.

So a bus down and a walk around. Another emergency ambulance arriving to pick up another member of the encampment. I avoided them when they came, but they were passing me by as they were leaving and I couldn't not take the shot. I'm ambivalent on these kinds of photographs so I go with the situation. If I'm interfering, taking a picture that would embarrass the patient, I skip out. A picture with just the emergency people in it, the lookers on, I take it. Them. Still, it's a part of this particular adventure in front of the Oakland City Hall, it needs a picture or two included in the larger group to document it.

Why do you keep apologizing?

I'm not sure. I suspect it's because, being something I deal with day in and day out, I haven't quite yet worked out my rules, what my logic may be if logic even applies. There's law on the subject, but law isn't the same thing as personal morality, the number of times in my early years I smoked funny looking cigarettes being but one example of this. But we struggle on. We're pretty clear on larceny and such, have been since about the age of six.

It's now late afternoon. I did finally publish two more sections on artandlife late this morning, I'm not going to worry anymore about getting a section together for any given day, I can just go from one day to the next in the middle. I do mark each picture, other than that what am I talking about?

Guitar and a Korean soap for the rest of the day, I think. I still have two of the small bottles of sake left, I suspect they'll ambush me at some point when I'm not thinking. Still, hair of the dog that bit you, it has some history. Allows you to start your day with a beer or two with breakfast if you feel the need for a shorter life. Back then, when people I knew did such things. Certainly not me. Not I. Not us.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protest, November 6th with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.