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November 3, 2011

Neglecting Our Guitar

Thursday. Again, to bed early, up with the alarm, to breakfast and back picking up a tank of gas on the way back. My little journey to Palo Alto for the doctor's appointment was good for almost a half a tank. I could have gone on for another month of morning drives to breakfast without it. Interesting stuff, I suppose, to someone, somewhere.

Just stop. Reload. You've had a good night's sleep.

Indeed. They were saying, still are saying, a chance of some rain today and particularly tomorrow, although the sun is out and what I can see of the sky through my balcony window looks alright, a decent day ahead.

We'll see how the pictures go I took yesterday at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. I think I've gotten at least two sections, the quality from my standpoint better than recent photographs as there's more people in them. You get in a large crowd, the papers this morning said six or seven thousand, and you're free to take pretty much whatever you want, people just don't care. Or notice. You still have to be courteous, you still have to watch (some are obviously iffy in the taking, often best to avoid them unless they're really really good), but generally crowds are interesting and productive subjects.

So, now to finish them up, get a little time in on the guitar and then go back downtown and shoot some more. Maybe check for any other activities in the area, I'm going to get tired of Occupy Wall Street pretty quick. Unless I don't and I end up with some ungodly number of pictures of the damned thing by the time it's over. If it's ever over.

Later. Heading out just after noon, the sky now clouded up looking like it might start raining, a bus downtown and a walk around the Occupy area scouting out new signs and noting areas where tents had come and tents had gone. A slow early afternoon, coffee and a cookie in the Rotunda building, another quick walk taking one or two additional shots and then back up Broadway to catch a bus finally on Grand. Not many photographs, I thought, until I noticed I'd taken just over a hundred. Oh, dear.

I'd spent the morning working on yesterday's pictures and now most of the afternoon since I got back and continuing, finally adjusting what came out to be over a hundred. Five sections of photographs? We'll keep it to four. They're not bad, none of them are great, but again, they're OK and give a feeling at least of what I saw of the affair. I didn't go with the marchers to the port, didn't want to make the trip, my focus has been on the area in front of City Hall and I guess that's where it's going to stay. Again, for how long, I have no idea.

So I'll work on yesterday's pictures and try to post to artandlife before the day is done, try to at least make a first run through the photographs I took today. I think I should be getting really tired of this, but then individual images gain my attention and suddenly the day is over. The day is almost over and I'm not even close to posting.

Evening. Worked on yesterday's photographs until I finished them at nine. Just now. Time to play the guitar. We are neglecting our guitar.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protest, November 2nd with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.