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At a lunch in Oakland.

Under here.

November 8, 2008

Just Like That
Saturday. Fuzzy today. Fuzzier than yesterday? Fuzzy focused on my feelings of fuzzy? Fuzzy was he? You begin to understand.

More progress on the stucco project, by the way. Three guys have been working right outside my window for the last two days, no doubt occasionally noticing me through the partially open curtain (so Ms. Emmy can find her litter box through the cat door) sitting in front of a computer with my feet up goofing off (as I am indeed goofing off) as they're working their asses off. No complaints, you understand, sitting as I am at the computer with my feet up like some useless layabout doing his lay about. No sir. Not in Oakland.

Breakfast at the usual place about a half hour later than usual, the sky overcast, the attitude good. Gas prices you'll note dropped four cents overnight making it a full $2.02 less than it was in June. Not something I've been thinking about, I guess, although I'll be curious to see where it goes now that Thanksgiving is approaching. That's considered a travel season, right? A travel week? Enough to bounce prices up a dime or two? Don't care? Yeah, me too.

So, it's Saturday. I didn't even think about going to San Francisco yesterday to photograph the protest march against the passage of Prop 8 and have no plan to go there today (to photograph today's protest march against of the passage of Prop 8) as I'm still running on empty. Still, there are movies coming from Netflix later this afternoon and there are more than enough tasks and projects outstanding for my procrastination gene to kick in. Maybe think about what to bring along to Bisbee (camera gear, you understand), write a list of things to do in one of my notebooks and then take a nap. Saturdays are so exciting.

Later. Depressing information an old friend is fighting for his life in the hospital: head injuries, unconscious now for seven days packed in ice, running a fever and fighting pneumonia. Not much to say. Just hope for the strength he needs to come back. Just now, just like that.

The photograph was taken at a lunch in Oakland with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 105mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/5th second, f 3.0, ISO 400.