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A performer at a San Francisco street fair.

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November 26, 2007

Hell of a Brick
Monday. Lunch today in Sausalito, dropping off the wedding DVD's at the office before getting on BART. Making those DVD's took me all of an hour, the process running in the background as I did other tasks, the fix required to make it work a simple re-connection of a cable on the back of a computer, yet I've been putting this off for a week. And sweating over doing it for a week. Well, maybe not sweating, but why all the fuss? I'm too old to be doing this.

Still, it was nice to see how the other half lives over lunch on the water, a glass or three of Guinness, a very nice shrimp based soup followed by (what else?) a chicken Caesar salad. You'd think I'd have more imagination than a chicken Caesar, but I do like them, particularly when they're made well. The “other half”, by the way, the retired other half, has lunch at this restaurant every day, I would think, a short walk down the hill, a nice cocktail, maybe two, a crab salad when there are no oil spills in the bay, a short walk back up the hill to their vast estate overlooking their world, day in, day out. Or am I projecting? I myself lived in Sausalito many years ago, but then I've written about it in the past. End of the rainbow stuff. Mr. H hadn't been to Sausalito since the 80's: a boat ride over from the Ferry building in San Francisco, lunch, a boat ride back, finish the day with a Bloody Mary at a very trendy restaurant bar at ten bucks a pop. Damned good Bloody Mary though. No complaints. Life in the fast lane, my buckos, here in Oakland.

That lens I ordered should come tomorrow. I've forgiven myself for ordering it. I wonder if it really is, as they said, as heavy as a brick? Hell of a brick.

The photograph was taken of a performer at a San Francisco street fair with a Nikon F5 mounted with a 28 - 70mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens on Kodak TMY 400.