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Yosemite, California.

Under here.

November 6, 2007

The Natives
Tuesday. Well, you know, this Yosemite Valley thing is indeed something special from what I've been seeing since arriving for the first time in my life this very afternoon, but boy-howdy I'm glad we're not doing any more driving tomorrow. The idea is to see these places, get up late in the morning and have a nice breakfast, take in the local sites, take clever photographs of swell stuff you can only find by travelling to where they reside, maybe take in a show, have a nice dinner, post to the journal and plan the next day of exploration all the while your car is sitting parked somewhere safe. This doesn't quite work if you're driving in a car six or eight hours during the day, every day, on the way to wherever it is you may be going (such as Mono Lake, Death Valley and Yosemite) I've discovered, much to my fuzzy headed elucidation. I'm not altogether good after a long day of driving. I need rest, recreation and a couple of beverages repeated daily for the remainder of the week, preferably somewhere with room service and an ice machine.

So, other than that, how are things running around at seven thousand feet?

A couple of places we stayed were up that high. Furnace Creek in Death Valley where we stayed sat right down there two hundred feet or so below sea level, no problem, but Mono Lake at seven thousand plus lets you know you could be in better shape if you're going to play at those altitudes. I'm thinking I'm going to do some actual as opposed to threatened walking now to take care of that for the future. But I say so many things.

No internet access, by the way, where we're staying here in the valley. Something about technical support on the way this week from San Francisco to take care of the problem. The motel turned down our offer to fix whatever it was, which is probably for the best. We didn't come out here to do no stinkin' troubleshootin', we said after we were turned down.

A nice motel. A nice stream burbling out back, a large spa type bathtub about four times the size of the usual tub with water jets that hit you from every which direction, a gas lit fire place and a decent cable fed flat panel TV, all for the price of the bare bones places we stayed at earlier in the trip. The off season has it advantages, the number of people in the park was reasonable, parking available wherever we went, the food good, but still expensive. Here, stumbling about Yosemite Valley at the other end of the rainbow, out among the natives.

The photograph was taken today in Yosemite, California with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/350th second, f 3.5, ISO 100.