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Under Construction
Taken at the usual cafe in Oakland

November 5th, 2006

Go For That
Sunday. I photographed a red egg and ginger luncheon for the world's cutest couple yesterday. I had a hangover, I recall, and I didn't really do the job I would have liked, but it was an interesting lunch in that I sat next to and was able to talk with MSR who was there with her husband and youngster (she and her family were looking great: everybody seems to look great after they've left the company) and I had the opportunity to photograph a lot of good looking women who understood I was shooting for the couple and their new son and it was OK for me to be cruising about with a camera. Red egg and ginger luncheons are supposed to be given a month after the birth of a child in traditional Chinese culture, although Toby was born in June. I'd be curious to know how it was to be raised by the world's cutest couple, but I suspect I won't be around when that story is eventually written.

Today I slept through most of the morning. Yesterday I slept a good night's sleep and then slept most of the afternoon when I returned from the party. I could blame it on the sake Friday night (and I have to watch myself with my sake, I'm afraid), but I can't blame it on sake today. Maybe I need to not wait until April and retire instead at the end of December for my health and sanity. Or, and this gives me pause as it seems the more truthful, I need to get my act together, skip the sake in the evenings when I'm alone at home, start walking to work in the mornings and think again in terms that real people recognize when they're doing right by their lives. The more difficult that, but, you know, the truth often poses a challenge to we who prefer to live a fantasy.

You've had an epiphany? No more grousing?

I've been thinking if I'm going to write about aching this and aching that I should stop doing this journal and focus on something else: artandlife, Here in Oakland. Do something that doesn't require examining one's navel. What to do with Here in Oakland? Maybe just start. Take some pictures, write some descriptions, do an interview or two. I have a swell size of a pack of cigarettes digital recorder. Why not use it? Tell them I'm a famous senior reporter for a famous well known web site (called Here in Oakland) and we'd really like your comments on the neighborhood? If not a comment, then a clever story perhaps? We'd prefer a clever story, something light and frivolous. A picture you've always wanted the unwashed to see because it shows (he, she or it) to such good advantage? People would go for that, I would think, Here or There, in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at breakfast this morning with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at 1/90th, f 2.8, ISO 200.