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Under Construction
Gilbert, a long time ago

November 12th, 2004

Not So Many
A good Friday, I think. A couple of drinks after work with some of the usual crew, talk of the coming reorganization - what's it going to look like? who's going to be in charge? - no one knowing, really, when it's coming. A conversation later said December 6th. That's good. December 6th is soon enough, I suppose, here in Oakland.

Fridays are pretty exciting here in Oakland from the sound of it.

Aren't they though!

What to do this weekend? The monitor calibration tool and software arrived today as well as a program called Photo Mechanic, both of which the Nikon seminar people recommended. Adios to more dollars. Necessary items, one assumes, but necessary to whom? Photographers?

Now, now. There are real photographers out in the world who own every kind of camera and accessory. None of them, however, live in Oakland.

Ah, so what? The guy encrusted in gear without a thought in his head or a photograph in his heart is a shared image, used in books, used in movies, although one I've not considered particularly important. I have prints taped to my cubicle walls at work, just prints and plastic tape. People ask about the prints, they don't ask about the cameras and I let my subscription to Shutterbug lapse many years ago. What the hell: I'm broke, but I'm image ready. Are you, doodle-dee-do, image ready?

You had how many drinks after work?

Not so many.

The banner photograph was taken at the Rip Off Press a long time ago in San Francisco with a Canon 35mm camera mounted with a 105mm lens on Tri-X.