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Under Construction
Hotel worker lockout picket line in San Francisco

November 5th, 2004

No, Really
Friday. A week of computer class, now on to the dreaded should have been done last month project; dreaded not so much because it's difficult or not very interesting, but because there's never enough time to do it right without long hours and frustration. When you work with computers and you make a mistake, at least at our company, if you make a mistake because you didn't stay late and spend the time required to test and test and test and then the thing blows up, well, you're no longer considered a hell of a fellow. The job market is littered with folks who are no longer thought, by one organization or another, to be one hell of a fellow.

And this worries you?

No. It should, but no, I'm too numb for that. We heard they trimmed some people in our division while we were at class last week, not sure how many more will be on the list this coming Friday. I suspect we're safe for now and given my rapidly deteriorating short term memory and frazzled nerves, “now” is as much as I can handle anymore and even “now” gets chancy in the afternoons when I start nodding off.

Snap out of it!

The photograph was taken in front of the Palace hotel across the street from the building where we attended class last week. All of the sixteen (I think it's sixteen) hotels that have locked out their employees in San Francisco are being picketed by these same employees who've set up tables under canvas tents on the sidewalks out front and keep up a continuous bullhorn commentary exhorting their own to persevere and suggesting to arriving guests they find other, non lockout accommodations. They've posted signs asking passing motorists to honk their support and many do: the taxi cabs, sure; the delivery trucks, sure; but not a small number of late model Mercedes and similar high priced iron, this being the Bay Area, you understand, home of rich and poor do gooders of every kind. So I took some photographs.

Sunday. I attended a Nikon digital “work flow” seminar today in San Jose. Holy cow, have I been screwing up my digital images. A resolution, this day: this coming winter will be the time I learn to take and manipulate digital images and I will redo and finish artandlife. No, really.

The banner photograph was taken on the sidewalk outside the Palace Hotel on New Montgomery Street with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.