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Under Construction
San Francisco Carnaval parade

November 24th, 2003

More Photographs
Nikon, by the way, seems to be releasing another generation of film scanners. I have the Coolscan II, which I bought five years ago, my first venture into scanned images and it's been more than fine. This two generations newer scanner has an optical scan rate of 4,000 dpi versus my Coolscan II's 2,700, which is nice, although not my reason for the upgrade. The new scanner's density range of 4.8 versus the 3.0 of my Coolscan II has my interest. This number represents the ability of the scanner to resolve shades of grey between absolute black and white, the larger the number, the more gradations that can be resolved. And it has a forty frame roll film adapter. Which means I could do proof sheets at the touch of a button and print them on my Epson. Which just leaves the film. Which is simple....

You will notice I didn't start with a laundry list of symptoms (that may lead to my demise), but rather a statement of soulful (or soleful) purchasing lust (as in "the best way to fight terrorism is to go out there and shop!"). Climbing back toward a semblance of enlightened reality is a long hard slog. No doubt. And this is also the start of my second week of vacation which will finish in a flash. I have made some minor changes to the living room in the last week and I may make one or two more minor changes over this next. I'm going to drop off two prints at a framing shop later today with the idea of printing and then framing an additional ten of my photographs as 13" x 19" prints. That's a good size and ten would change things around here in the apartment. Change is good.

Back from the frame shop. Hmmm. Ten framed photographs cost more than I imagined. Still. Over time. Anyway, two are in the works in addition to two small original pieces by MRW. His got the special archive mounting and the UV glass. Which is only fair. I can always run more photographs.

The photograph was shot at a San Francisco Carnaval parade with a Nikon F5 and 135mm f 2.0 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMAX 400.