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San Francisco Gay Pride parade

November 14th, 2003

Beer Kicks In
Here it is, Friday, a Friday that kicks off a two week vacation and here I am, feeling better than I have in fifteen months. There must be something that can be done with this. Tomorrow, when my head is clear. Meanwhile I'm going to have this swell bottle of Corona Extra la cerveza mas fina I picked up on the way home at the ersatz 7-11 just down the street, this 24 fluid ounce bottle of Corona Extra la cerveza mas fina, and chill. Trite, routine, unoriginal perhaps, but one becomes set in one's ways at a certain age.

What's that about?

A mindless way to start, I suppose. Not sure why I bought the bottle of beer other than the fact I'm out of Wild Turkey and a man who is out of Wild Turkey has lost his moorings in some fundamental sense. I thought, as I was leaving the office impatient to get home, I'll drive just down the way in the opposite direction from my apartment to the beverage store in Jack London Square and stock up, but then talked myself out of it by promising to stop for beer on the way home. There are many ways to procrastinate, many convenient arrangements you can make with yourself and finding a way to avoid driving in the wrong direction to Jack London Square on a Friday night adding fifteen minutes to your commute even for with the laudable goal of purchasing whiskey is one of them. This I know.

Vague drifting to more vague drifting to who knows where....

Wait til this here beer kicks in.

The photograph was shot at a San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a Nikon F5 and the 135mm f 2.0 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMAX 400.