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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
San Francisco Gay Pride parade

November 11th, 2003

Weird, This Existence
Hi, ho. I do admit the long days at the office still seem to leave me up and cooking in the evenings. Well, you know, nothing too spectacular, nothing ridiculous, no bouncing off the walls, but still, you know, cooking. The dizziness and all that, yes, it seems to be going away; the complicating factor is this Zoloft stuff. It definitely has an effect. Quite an effect. I looked up the side effects on the web and it has them, yes indeed, but, you know, will they apply to me? Do I really want to take it for the rest of whenever? A discussion to have with the doctor next week. A discussion to have with myself, come to think of it. Weird, this existence.

The photograph was shot at a San Francisco Gay Pride parade with an F5 and the 135mm f 2.0 Nikon (Nikkor) lens on Kodak TMAX 400.