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San Francisco Journalcon photos
A Friday after work photo

November 1st, 2002

Be Nice
Interesting. Last night was Halloween night and the thought didn't occur until this morning when I read the paper. They were whooping it up all over San Francisco with the big party outside on the streets in the Castro district. Three hundred thousand people. I'm going to photograph it one of these years. Hell, in costume. Go as Weegee. Bring a Speed Graphic. Get some really big pictures. The Castro is accessible by BART. My entire life is accessible by BART. No worries last night about trick or treaters, though, and the lack of suitable swag. No thought to close the curtains and turn out the lights.

The usual long day, but at least it's a Friday. Everyone is looking a little drawn, a little stressed. Well, a lot stressed. So what? Maybe just the time change and the fact it's dark now when we leave the office. That and the fact we've been going too hard too fast for too long.

It's Friday, everyone. Be nice.

The photograph was taken at Harrington's in San Francisco.