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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

The Guy In The White Hat.

The younger Prop and Don Novello at the Rip Off Press.

November 21st, 2000

Epiphany #403
As I was writing Saturday's entry after reading the message Tullio, one of the writers for the old Rip Off Review of Western Culture had written in my guest book, I realized how long ago that was and how many other chapters I've lived, written and closed since that time. They are chapters, they bring memories, but they are finished and it's not useful to think about them overly much.

I've lived the life of an observer, trying this and trying that, the decade of the seventies focused around the Rip Off Press; the sixties college, writing a student newspaper column and publishing a humor magazine; the eighties working at a winery, meeting a totally new group of people who were all just making their names in the wine business and then founding my own ill fated Novell dealership. There are chapters and sub chapters within each of these chapters and chapters not mentioned: the army, school itself, downtown San Francisco in a three piece suit, most recently this journal, my current life, probably an interregnum of some sort between chapter last and chapter next.

I've needed to resolve some problems and heal some old wounds before I move on to whatever lies next. Razor at the Rip Off Press This journal has been part of that. I don't know if it will continue come whatever, I don't think it matters. I'm due to get on a train tonight for Portland and the Thanksgiving weekend, something I've planned for some time. Last week something happened in Portland that will make this a very different and I think difficult journey, one that I will have to think about. It has nothing to do with my own health or my situation here, but it is very troubling. I think writing things down helps. Between now and my return at the beginning of next week I don't plan on writing or posting entries, although I will be taking photographs. See you then. Don't get lost.

A second photograph with Novello. John "Razor", a raconteur and wit, from the same roll of film. The quote is by Jane Wagner.