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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 18, 2020


Monday. I did watch Call The Midwife followed by the final episode of World On Fire at nine last night and so didn't get to bed until after ten and to sleep at close to eleven. Slept straight through until five minutes to six in time to listen to the five minute KPFA News and then Democracy Now! that followed. So good, I guess. Up to walk to breakfast with the sun breaking through, but with rather ominous looking clouds closing around. Another picture of that parked car so there's a story there of come kind, arriving to enter the closed off dining room, turn on the lights and settle in with the papers.

The two strips of bacon, scrambled eggs, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast again just because, finishing up after nine to walk home scouting out the various flowers again that makes the walking go by seemingly more quickly than it does walking in.

Four scooters in a row by the lake, a very light rain starting to fall as I walked by, and the usual selfie in the apartment house lobby without having gotten wet, up to take care of yesterday's entry and start this to now find out if there's life after breakfast.

Later. The Protime guy arrived at twelve-thirty, pricked a finger and took the measurement. High, but within range, the same reading as it happens as last month's test. So I guess that's good. I'll get a phone call from the doctor's office letting me know, probably tomorrow. An easy test, just a pin prick, just a spot of blood, takes maybe two minutes.

Otherwise time on the tablet along with skipping through the various news programs. I find I'm sitting here at the computer as the news plays on television these days not really paying attention. I get more than enough of what's going on reading the papers over breakfast.

Evening. Watched Father Brown for no good reason and ended up going to bed not long after nine. Radio off and lights out after ten. Tired.

The photo up top was taken while walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon 1 V3 mounted with a 10-30mm f 3.5-5.6 VR Nikkor 1 lens.