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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


May 12, 2019


Sunday. Awoke to the alarm after getting enough sleep. I'm pretty sure. Up to make the bed and put the papers together to drive to breakfast, arriving to find the restaurant dark, but the dining area door unlocked (someone seems to reliably arrive earlier to start the day's preparations back out of sight in the kitchen) and so turned on the lights and settled in with the papers.

Ordered the Eggs Benedict, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, the dining area filling as the time went along, to finish by nine, head back to the car and snap another selfie in the lobby on the way to the apartment. Not sure the person who's looking back at me from the computer screen is suffering from a bad hair day or too little sleep. Maybe blame it on the photographer.

The Eggs Benedict turned out to have been a bad idea, the memory not mentioning, when I was ordering, that it has, in the past, as often as not, led to something akin to an ocular migraine. I faded out while working on today's entry and finally just quit to lie down for an hour to clear the head when I realized I no longer remembered how to operate Photoshop while processing this morning's pictures.

Nothing on the schedule for the day other than maybe another nap and some thought to get out for a walk, but then I'm afraid that's now the morning routine.

Later. The sun came out mid-morning and so I naturally watched the golf tournament before bailing to bed to watch a couple of hour long episodes of something I won't admit to watching on the tablet, until even I became embarrassed and so finally headed out the door and over to the lake to at least say I'd been outside. People all over the place, music coming from the opposite shore and so a couple of pictures to show the people out on the grass and then a couple (or three) crops to see if that didn't make them more interesting, the eyes taking their time getting used to the sunshine after sitting in front of all that LED light for so long.

Evening. Watched two episodes of the Norwegian series Acquitted, one I vaguely remembered watching last week, but managed to get into it this time around. Kept me guessing. Not many “who done it” series keep me actively guessing. Looking forward to next week's episodes. To bed and the tablet again well before nine.

The photo up top was taken last Sunday at the How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.