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May 25, 2016

A Rest

Wednesday. To bed, to sleep, one brief - get up, take a leak, get back to sleep - interlude before finally awakening at six to listen to the news and then the first half of Democracy Now while getting ready to head out to breakfast on another grey and overcast morning. They're saying a twenty percent chance of rain today, ten percent tomorrow and then zero through the weekend.

A comfortable enough walk both to and from breakfast, a bus arriving just as I arrived at the stop across from the Grand Lake theater on the way home, but deciding without any particular foot dragging to continue walking. We talk about getting in our walking, talking and then actually walking keeps us from becoming hypocrites and lairs. Some of us. Sometimes.

This is starting to ramble. Maybe stuff a sock in it.

Later. A bath and then a walk to the ATM on Lakeshore, stopping by the ice cream shop for two scoops in a paper cup. Not sure why ice cream, but I turned and went in to order when I saw there was no waiting line. Maybe the light breakfast, the sliced fruit and plain waffle left me open to suggestion. Maybe I just like ice cream.

Setting out I'd gone by the lake to take another set of footpath construction pictures. A lot of work seems to go into what you'd think, since there were no pipes or such to lay underground, was a straightforward scrape it flat and lay down the blacktop task. Seems you need to prepare the base for the pavement, scrape off the dirt, yes, but then lay gravel and whatever else is needed for support.

OK, mid-afternoon, a decent day. Still overcast with an occasional sliver of sun. I've been futzing with the new cameras, comparing them, calibrating lenses and taking pictures. The Carnaval Parade on Sunday will be the final test, but I'm learning things about these two cameras I should have known about the many others I've used through the years. Well, a few things, but important if you really want to say you know something about taking pictures.

Like keeping them in focus?

Yeah, stuff like that.

Evening. Some work on a couple of Latham Square web sections, just a little, enough to get started. More tomorrow, no more today.

Watched Democracy Now, started watching Crimson Field, a PBS episode I'm pretty sure I've seen before, this first episode anyway, an episode that didn't strike me any better than it had that first time I'd watched it, whenever that was, and so I bailed.

Watched the beginning discussion of Hillary Clinton's recently released email server report on Charlie Rose rather than watching another old episode of Death In Paradise. We can only watch so many Death In Paradise episodes before we need a rest.

The photo up top was taken Saturday at the San Francisco Asian Heritage Street Celebration with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.