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Here In Oakland

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May 13, 2016

These Days

Friday. Another lights out before ten night, last night, don't quite remember the exact time. They do tend to run together, these evenings, each one of them much like the other. Still, a good night's sleep to awaken at six, just before six, and head out to breakfast. Nice morning, cool without being cold, took a picture for the first time of a homeless man sleeping in front of a portrait/wedding photographer's shop on Grand near Euclid. I assume for safety, something I've wondered about. How and where do you sleep at night when you're alone and exposed in a dangerous world?

Here, living by the lake, there are more homeless (almost always) men in evidence, the lake area more amenable than a downtown city street or a residential area. In that I walk more than I would otherwise with a camera I find I recognize most of them. I don't usually take pictures unless I'm asked (I always take a picture when asked), but it gives me a somewhat clearer window into the current economic environment, an introduction to a reality most all of us fear, a nightmare should it ever befall. But today a picture.

Friday the 13th. Certainly I'm not superstitious enough to notice, but I think I'll crawl into bed now until tomorrow morning. Just in case. You understand.

Later. A light, but brisk breeze coming in from the west, as the weather people were projecting, and so a walk to the Lakeshore ATM in a long sleeve shirt and light jacket, leaving this morning's sweater behind. Picked up a prescription refill at the Walgreens then on Lakeshore and attempted to talk myself into ice cream and, when that didn't work, getting a bagel with cream cheese at the café near the fitness center. Neither managed to lure me inside. For the best, although either one would have made test for an ocular migraine.

Home now at one, the outings for the day now done. You knew I was kidding about staying in bed today, this Friday the 13th, right?

Not superstitious, but certified idiot?

Later still. Reworked four of the How Weird Street Faire photographs to see if I could change the lighting and they are better, but not by much. More to learn. Spent the rest of the afternoon finishing the Latham Square sections and posting them to the web sites. Some time on the guitar that informed me of my lack of practice. Not a bad afternoon, really. I might say except for the guitar, but good or bad, I seem to keep playing.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now, but started and then skipped the rest of a New Tricks episode. One I'd seen before and didn't need to see again. Maybe I've seen enough of them now and will probably switch from watching to carping. Seems to be the trend. Similarly with Midsomer Murders, watched the beginning and then fizzled out. The “Upstairs, Downstairs” aspects of these English series, once watched with interest, seems to now get under my skin. Different days, these days. I guess.

The photo up top was taken at the entrance to the old Lakeview School while walking to breakfast this morning with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.