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Here In Oakland

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May 11, 2016

Who'da Thought?

Wednesday. An uneven night's sleep, awakening briefly more than once to then finally wake up at twenty after six and get ready to walk to breakfast. A good start to the morning, feeling clear headed through breakfast, to finish and then walk home, passing by these bike stands near the library on Grand. How long have they been in place? In the last few days? In the last few weeks? Have I noticed them before? I vague memory walking by them in the near past.

And so, home, another ocular episode, though, much lighter and benign than yesterday's blowout, but beginning with the same sparkly blob appearing in the left eye when it was closed. A lie down on the bed for about an hour and all was well, but still, two days in a row? Yes, two strips of bacon with the usual eggs and potatoes for breakfast, the single pork chop the day before, maybe they played a part, but otherwise no way to tell. We'll go back to the plain waffle with fruit for a while. Unless we don't.

Later. The rest of the day spent working on Latham Square web sections. Just two, but stumbling a bit with the processing, as most of them were taken on overcast days and I, for some reason, haven't been dealing with them properly in Lightroom and Photoshop. We learn. Slowly we learn. And then we learn them all over again.

Evening. Did not get outside this afternoon, but spent the day working on the photographs, their web pages (I'm still not satisfied) and watching this and that on television. We'll not dwell on what we watched on television, I'm not sure it says much for our use of time.

Other than watching the first interview on Charlie Rose, that's pretty much been the evening. More discussion of the current political races. Weird territory, I just watch and listen.

To bed early, but remembering there was a Warrior's game tonight and dialed into the AM station broadcasting the game. I haven't been following the Warriors, can't tell you the names of the Warriors' players, other than Stephen Curry. Living in Oakland you'd have to be a hermit locked in a closet not to have heard of Curry.

Still, for all the not following the team, the game was close and I found myself listening from about half time through to the end. Exciting, close, not quite sure without being able to see the play what was going on. They won, finally, and will go to the next round. We'll probably dial in again before this season is over. Who'da thought?

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.