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May 9, 2016

Something Else

Monday. And I did get to bed right after nine with lights out (I seem to recall) before ten to awaken before six thinking there's no way to go back to sleep, so I might as well get up, take the needed leak and get ready to head out for breakfast. Which is good, as that pretty much defines how I start my day, now that we seem to be in unalterable routines that are broken only with great effort.

What does that mean?

I have no idea. A nice walk under an overcast sky to breakfast, the waffle with fruit and coffee again this morning, and then back taking a couple of pictures along the way. Still overcast but, other than the sinuses and upper palate, feeling not so bad. There's a back ordered component for the new camera due to be delivered later, so we'll stay close to home until it arrives and then think about heading downtown to Latham Square and finally picking up that vitamin B-12. Life in the fast lane.

Later. OK. Lesson perhaps learned.

Finished up posting yesterday's entry and, it being eleven in the morning, figured I'd watch last night's Elementary on the tablet and hope the package arrived sooner than later this late morning or early afternoon. Heading to bed the door buzzer rang and the package was in hand. Good, we'll watch the hour long program and....

In lying down on the bed, an ocular migraine precursor sparkly blob appeared when I closed my left eye (it appears in the left eye and not the right) and I thought that's strange, I haven't eaten anything on the prohibited list since yesterday's pint of ice cream (Häagen Dazs strawberry), could one really be on the way? Well, yes. A potent one, potent enough so I don't remember what happened in the Elementary episode I then watched in bed. A full bore ocular migraine of a kind I thought I'd finally left behind. What to do?

Well, I still had some of the pills left over that my old cardiologist had prescribed for ocular migraines (not his specialty, but he'd suffered from them himself and found this particular prescription had worked for him) and so I added it to the morning prescription round. It had kicked in almost immediately when I'd first started taking it, so we'll go back to taking it again.

Any chance it might work?

I hope. Don't see why not. It's now early afternoon and reality, at least what I know of reality, seems to have returned and maybe we'll go downtown later, but for now, maybe just cool our little jets and see what this day still has in store.

A walk over to the lake with the long lens on the new camera. Few birds, but a pair of Mallards and a small sparrow came into view and so a few pictures to again test for focus and sharpness. Not much of a walk, not all that many pictures, but we survived the walk and felt reasonably well.

Later still. No signs of the earlier ocular experience and so a bus to the ATM on Broadway to then walk home. Thought about getting something to eat, but wasn't hungry enough to be tempted and pick something up. Not sure why. Just under one fifty-one on the scale this morning, haven't had all that much to eat today. The plain waffle with fruit for breakfast, some oatmeal and miscellaneous stuff for lunch. Not a big calorie day, so far, yet we're not hungry.

I did finish the three sections of Latham Square photographs I've been working on these last few days. If I can get out tomorrow I'll have enough for two more, which means I'm still behind. Sounds about right if you can say “wrong” sounds about right with a straight face.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now and then headed for bed to watch the Elementary episode again. I really had no idea of what happened in that first go-round, remembering some of the scenes, but not the dialogue. Maybe to the good, I got to watch it twice. No. Not. That first time through had nothing to do with what I watched the second time, that first showing was quite something else.

The photo up top was taken at this year's How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.