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May 3, 2016

Sleep Wins

Tuesday. Lights out by ten, awake at six. OK, seems OK anyway. Up to head out the door and walk to breakfast, we'll see how the later morning goes and if there's even a hint of an ocular incident. Yesterday was a surprise.

Went downstairs to do the laundry and discovered one of the two washers was in need of repair and the other in use by another tenant, so we'll delay and see if we can push a bunch of stuff through later. Maybe just wash the critical items to shorten the time required (one washer working, after all) as I'd like to go by Latham Square later to see what progress they've made. Latham and the auto-focus problem, auto-focus the more important of the two. Well, the one I promised myself I'd get done.

It does need to get done.

Don't I know.

Otherwise the attitude seems pretty good, laundry aside. Thoughts lately of attempting this and that, things I haven't thought about in a long time, have been coming to mind. Stirring ambition? The last remaining legs of a winter funk? Why not? Either way a step to the better, I figure the reasons don't matter if the outcome is good.

Later. Second load in the wash, first load in the drier, I'm hoping I can get away with three loads and not have to do four. But who cares, I guess. We're committed.

Haven't been able to get the camera auto-focus to fail with various lenses. The least satisfactory result? We'll continue to work with it, use the camera exclusively for a while, get it to fail in some place other than at another festival outing.

Thinking about going to Latham Square later after the laundry is done. I usually go in the mornings, but no reason not to go later and I'm thinking I'll be hungry enough by then to do something at the City Center for lunch. Another chicken Caesar salad? No sign of ocular anythings now that it's after twelve and so I'm assuming we're home free, but you never know.

Later still. Laundry done, folded and hung, including the socks. A bus downtown to Latham Square taking another set of pictures. They've obviously made progress, not sure how much more there is to do. One workman still on site. Wrapping it up for the day? The bus ran a few minutes later than it usually does, but finished shooting in time to catch that same bus straight home.

The rest of the afternoon spent processing the pictures and watching the Indiana primary unfold. Trump. Don't understand the Trump. Understand people being upset with the Republican party, but Trump? Nothing I can add to the din you hear on the subject. Sanders by six points over Clinton, independents allowed to vote in the Indiana Democratic primary as they are here in California, but it looks like a Clinton and Trump election coming up. Any chance we'd ever see someone like Trump be elected President?

Bite your tongue!

Weird. Weird because I've become cranky and old or weird because it's always been weird and the blind younger I just didn't notice?

Two Janis Joplin programs on PBS this evening, starting at eight. Had a friend on the East Coast email on Facebookt that he's watching it, that some of our mutual friends who grew up with Janis are being interviewed and the program is quite well done.

Evening. Watched the American Masters two hour piece on Janis Joplin, did enjoy seeing one old friend in particular from our San Francisco days in the early seventies, learned and sympathized a bit more with the life she'd lived, but decided to go to bed at ten and skip Janis Joplin: San Francisco's Pearl, a second program that followed, even though I may miss seeing some more friends from back then. Sleep wins.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.