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May 1, 2016

After Ten

Sunday. A new month, a May Day, a decent night's sleep (I'm pretty sure; at least, I think) to awaken at six-thirty, get up, sort out the Sunday papers and then drive to breakfast on a bright and already warm day, the weather people saying into the low eighties later. The San Francisco How Weird Street Faire opens today at noon and so I'll leave at noon and arrive around one, probably still too early for a really large crowd to have arrived, but better than usual, given my tendency to arrive too early at these events.

Just a bit of the usual psychological fighting of the idea going on, but just a little, the camera batteries are charged and the outlook is pretty good. Clear headed and all the rest. We'll go, we'll arrive and we'll survive.

Later. Out the door to catch the twelve-thirty bus and on to San Francisco on BART, arriving at the Faire to shoot pictures for some two hours. Trouble with the long lens camera, it has tended to not auto-focus properly when taking the first few photographs and today it took much longer than it has in the past. I've been putting off doing a proper examination, getting it fixed, but the first one or two shots lost are no big deal, more than two is a problem with me and with it. We'll resolve these two problems.

Anyway, I'm thinking two sections of photographs, but there might only be one. Not a great production, but a good day, did it all in a t-shirt and even then it was too warm. Realized I was tired and done for the day and so back to Oakland on BART, missing the bus by five minutes and so picked up a sandwich at a Subway and brought it home for lunch. Tired, but in a good way. A good outing, no thoughts I was running out of gas, although keeping up with daily exercise is still a must.

Evening. Nothing on television, although I have it running in the background as I'm processing today's pictures. We'll eke out two sections when they're done, although I may have to, um, swallow hard about including a couple of them. The lens is showing a lack of sharpness throughout, but not so much as to ruin them as they don't show too badly when they're reduced in size for the web. I'm even more looking forward to fixing the damned thing tomorrow, it does take really good pictures when it's healthy.

I watched last season's Elementary episode that ran a six, didn't forget it this time, and I may stay up to watch the new episode that starts at ten. A sign the day has gone well. If the time I spent running around taking pictures had done me in I wouldn't be considering staying up after ten.

The photo up top was taken at the hemophilia event yesterday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D500 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.