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May 28, 2015

Bed Instead

Thursday. Lights out and to sleep early, awakening to get up and discover the Times and Tribune hadn't yet arrived. Screws up the routine more than you'd imagine. A walk to breakfast having waited fifteen minutes to no avail to see if they'd arrive, a walk back to attempt to flesh out yesterday's bare bones entry and make promises I'll do better in the future. Amusing, sometimes, these thoughts about doing better in the future. At least the papers were sitting there waiting when I got home.

Again, overcast, grey outside. Feel pretty good, no complaints, but no urges to go anywhere or attempt a nap. Maybe the morning will kindle interest, I'm sure I'll eventually go downtown to see what's up at Latham Square, but otherwise feeling good hasn't generated any ambition to do something, anything, different this day. An ongoing conundrum that has yet to suggest a solution.

Later. A bus downtown to photograph what I could find at the Latham Square road widening project, the 17th Street repaving now evidently complete.

Still, I was outdoors taking pictures, that at least gets me up and going with apparent interest. A walk to and through Frank Ogawa Plaza after I noticed the tents and cars, a green vehicle fair of some kind. Only one photograph as I walked through the displays and on to the City Center bagel shop to learn the customer waiting line was long, the (I'm sure bad for your health) cinnamon buns I was after were sold out and I was in no mood to sit down.

So a glance at the watch to see that I could walk back by 17th Street to see what the finished repaving project looked like and still catch the return bus home. No need for any miss it by yesterday's twenty seconds stuff. So that's what I did, stopping by the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar, stopping at the apartment house construction site to take today's pictures and then entering the café across from the construction site on Bellevue to have an apple fritter and coffee. A very good apple fritter and pretty decent coffee I have to admit. It's usually unappetizingly filled with people sitting at tables hunched over their laptops, but after that fritter I just might return.

And that's so far been the day's excitement. The sun came out as I was returning home and the sky is now clear, the temperature up. Which is nice. Now to catch up processing the photographs I've taken since the Carnaval parade (and redo a few that I'd screwed up).

Evening. I'm tired of processing photographs, but I am making progress. The sinuses and upper palate have been acting up, but a somewhat larger dose of the pain meds than normal has taken care of that. The episode of Elementary this evening is another repeat and so maybe we'll watch an entire episode of Vera for the first time or maybe we'll crash and burn, say the hell with it and go to bed instead.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco 2015 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.