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Here In Oakland

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May 23, 2015

Out Of It

Saturday. And so lights out by ten and a good night's rest, awakening but ten minutes before the alarm (on another overcast and cool but not quite cold morning). Breakfast and the papers, of course, the attitude and energy good enough I'm now thinking of photographing a Monsanto demonstration being held in San Francisco at the Ferry Building later this morning. Incrementally harder to talk myself into these anymore, although the trip is easy. Tomorrow is the Carnaval Parade, less easy to get to, but much more important.

Still, feel awake, the weather's crappy, but the attitude better (than the weather). I have a bunch of stuff arriving from Amazon today and it would probably be best to be here to receive it, but ultimately I suspect it doesn't matter. An excuse to use if I decide to crap out on the Monsanto thing in the next couple of hours.

I did exchange email with the Oakland civil engineer who said the trees wrapped up in burlap bumpers were not due to come down, all the trees to come down were now down, and that's good. Trees, you know. They're nice to have around.

We're drifting.

Not always a bad sign, drifting..., on a weekend.

Later. A good hour long nap. Can't at all hurt, a nap. I don't think. Up to head over to the Ferry building in San Francisco, packing the long lens camera in the backpack, but running out of steam at the very last minute. Overcast - etc. etc. - and so the “you don't have to go's” won out. Still, we need to go by an ATM for tomorrow, we'll at least get out the door, catch a bus and take care of that.

Which I missed by twenty seconds. The bus. OK, there's another ATM over on Lakeshore and I can walk, going over across Grand by the lake to discover another Monsanto anti-GMO group forming. Kismet. Or something. A walk on to the ATM and have two scoops of ice dream at the Dryers shop on the way back, avoiding the farmers market and returning to the lake where a crowd had formed up in front of a speaker. And so photographs.

I'm familiar with the controversy and certainly support the labeling GMO foods, the emphasis at the rally on Roundup and the effect it's been demonstrated to have on farm workers, their children and those of us who consume food. Anyway, after briefly taking pictures and listening to some of the stories the speakers were relating, I walked on home. GMO's. We live in a strange and different world.

The package arrived from Amazon (the end of month food and other discounted monthly subscription items) and so nothing now to wait on, it's after three, maybe take a look at the book that I'd ordered and arrived in the package with everything else.

Evening. A brief look at a Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episode that started at seven. Yes, I'd seen in before, long ago, had no idea how it went other than Mr. Holmes was sure to find out. I have a bunch of old Sherlock Holmes episodes on DVD up on the shelf from Basil Rathbone and on and haven't been able to look at any of them for years. Such is life.

Carnaval tomorrow and so we'll leave breakfast early to get to the BART station in time to catch the first train. We'll be ready. We'll be pumped and we won't be tired. We will. It will all happen too fast to even in jest talk myself out of it.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.