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May 17, 2015

You Think

Sunday. Lights out before ten, to sleep and a good night's rest. Let us say thanks. (“Thanks!”)

Up with the alarm to drive off to breakfast on another overcast and quite cool to cold morning with the Sunday papers in tow. A good morning, a good breakfast, but deciding not to drive on to the supermarket to pick up one or two things, thinking I could last for another week before I really have to go. Why put it off? Such an easy, simple task, but not one I find I can easily talk myself into. There are other such tasks. As many have noticed.

Again, cool to cold out there, back home to look at yesterday's rather disheveled entry before posting before lying down to properly read the Times book section and magazine. I usually bring them with me to breakfast, but then don't spend the time to properly read them through. For some reason they caught my attention more so than usual this morning and so I returned and read them in bed.

Not sure what to do with the rest of the morning. A bath would make sense, maybe a ride downtown, maybe an actual drive downtown to break routine. When's the last time I've driven downtown or to Jack London Square to do anything?

Later. It is cold out there, particularly with the light to gusty wind, but out the door, after fighting it for some time, to walk to the bus stop thinking I don't want to go to an empty downtown where nothing is open just as the bus and I arrived at the stop at the same time. So downtown.

They were continuing work on Broadway at Latham Square, although I didn't do more than take a few snapshots as I walked on to the City Center (empty, nothing open as suspected) to then think about heading to Old Oakland and Washington Street. Coffee, maybe, as I wasn't at all hungry.

Looked at the watch. The return bus was due in six minutes, did I really want to walk over to Washington Street? In this wind, in this weather? No. Waited for the bus. The hell with it. The mood is decent, no signs of weird vision as I was walking, although I wondered there for a moment. Maybe stay here and listen to some music. I've listened to enough news and I haven't detoxed yet from yesterday's sessions on the tablet.

Just what we like to see: a clear headed crisp decision.

Evening. And so an afternoon and then an early evening watching half a dozen movies and television episodes back and forth in pieces, the usual routine. They say the blue light of LED's suppresses the production of melatonin, the stuff that allows you to sleep, encourages sleep. Perhaps we shouldn't be watching things on a tablet right up close to the eyes, held in a special watch it up close bed stand). Nice device, comfortable, but, well, maybe not the best idea for someone who'd like more sleep. Do you think?

The photo up top was taken yesterday on Broadway at Latham Square with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.