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Here In Oakland

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May 8, 2015

Hang Around

Friday. I had seen the Inspector Lewis last night, watched parts of it, was up to start Vera at half-past nine, but couldn't quite follow the dialogue. The (Northern?) English accents, of course. Those, aging ears and the audio clarity of my flat screen television set. (Are there non-flat screen TV's out there anymore?)

And so - what else? - I stayed awake to watch Elementary on the tablet, an odd race through of a story line not even the characters quite believed, to finally turn out the lights at eleven.

And to sleep straight through the night, awakening fifteen minutes before the alarm was due to sound at half-past six, up and out the door to breakfast and back feeling pretty good, some low lying fog, but the sun poking through now that it's nine. We'll take a crack at a nap just to be sure we don't need one to face the rest of the day, but I get the feeling we may have dodged the bullet in staying up late last night.

Which one might easily doubt.

Which one might easily doubt. Another day ahead watching crap on the tablet? On a Friday? No ambition to go out and at least take photographs? Snapshots? Are we staying in bed playing dead?

Later. No nap, but a bus downtown to pick up another refill, a vitamin this time (doctor prescribed B-12). Not hungry and so a bus back to the stop near the apartment house construction site to take my (now that is was afternoon) set of pictures, the sun shining. Feel better about them for some reason when they're taken under the sun.

You do remember you walked over to have a donut and coffee outside of the City Center bagel shop, do you not?

Actually I drew a blank when I wrote that. A donut isn't lunch (shouldn't be, anyway), but I totally spaced out and forgot I'd walked over to the City Center and just now returned to add this note hours later. My, my. Another memory glitch, but a new kind. A sign?

Otherwise, got home and processed photographs listening to the news (I've been following the British elections, not something I claim to in any way understand) before lying down with the PBS News Hour playing on the radio. Didn't sound as if they had a clue about the British elections either.

Evening. Friday and so a New Tricks at seven, one I suspect I've seen before (although you never know) followed by another Dalziel & Pasco at eight. Be interesting to see if I hang around for either.

The photo up top was taken at the May Day demonstration held in front of the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.