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May 5, 2015

Pump Things Up

Tuesday. Lights out at a decent hour, awake an hour before the alarm, but then easily back to sleep to get up with the alarm. A good night, if recent history is any guide. The usual morning overcast, but the sun showing every now and again at nine in the morning. So it's good to be up and cooking. But after a nap.

Later. A nap and a bath after to then head downtown to pick up another prescription refill. Arriving to have them say it wasn't ready yet (their online ordering system had said it would be available for pickup after ten and it was close to one) so after waiting for fifteen minutes to no avail I went over to the City Center to have a turkey and Swiss sandwich and coffee out at a table in front of the usual place. A Zen moment of sorts, no crabby thoughts or upsets.

It was waiting when I returned and so on the bus to get off at the apartment house construction site to take another set of pictures. I argued with myself against it, but not all that hard and not taking pictures today would have been a break in routine/habit. Right?

And so the day has gone. A lie down on the bed to recoup, some thought we are indeed growing older if a short trip like this can tucker us out, but an hour or so watching whatever (I have about four television series/movies actively going at any given time, another two dozen I've started and may look at again if I live so long) before getting up to listen to the News Hour as I'm writing this.

And the day is?

Sunny, nice. I wore a sweater and a light jacket for the trip downtown, too much to be wearing out in the sun by the time I were walking back, but sitting in a shaded bus it was not a problem. Strange weather? Not really, I guess. The weather's been strange for the last four decades around here from my experience, although this global warming thing seems to be adding to the scatter.

Evening. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching things on the tablet and, essentially, resting up. Tired, not destroyed, but in no mood to do more than lie back and let the aether entertain.

Lights out early again (I'm thinking now that it's nine), see if we can't pump things up.

The photo up top was taken at the May Day demonstration held in front of the Oakland City Hall with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.