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May 26, 2012

A Parking Space
Saturday. That was a demonstration of this scattered state of mine that I wasn't expecting, finding I hadn't posted Thursday's entry yesterday morning when I was posting yesterday's entry this morning. Although I thought I remembered posting it. Very strange and, well, discomforting.

To bed last night before ten, awakening a half hour before the alarm, up and about, then off to breakfast and back. Feel reasonably good, although I'm no longer sure if I'm reading my situation correctly after that posting incident. I have no explanation. I'm not yet ready to check into a senior maintenance facility, but I'm watching my flanks, watching my back for, well, more “incidents” as they may be waiting to appear.

Is that true?

One day you're hot and everything is alright, and then the next day you're evidently not and, well, you wonder if something is indeed underway.

Overcast; they said we'd have a problematic weather weekend, but I'm still illogically confident we'll be alright for tomorrow morning's San Francisco Carnaval Parade. And if we're not alright, well, dingy or not, double vision or not, zombie or not, I'll head over anyway. We can't let this reality crap get in the way of our photographic fantasies, not in Oakland anyway.

Later. I had another seemingly undeniable urge to get out the door at nine o'clock and head downtown “to photograph the finished mural” they'd been starting yesterday at the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza. A nice idea, of course, but as a reason to head out at nine in the morning - overcast, a bit cold, early - to take a photograph? They city might erase it this morning, but probably not. Anyway, as I said, an undeniable urge, not the first.

Did the deed, took the photographs, found another scene similar to the one I'd taken yesterday in front of the entrance to City Hall, circled back to wait for and then take the next bus back home. Bus. Click! Bus. And here I am now at ten thinking of taking a nap. More sensible in every way I'd say.

Later still. Not much of a nap, lying down for a while listening to the radio. OK. So much for a nap, up and off along the lake heading through the farmers market and on to have lunch at the usual place.

I kept an eye out for goslings and ducklings of course, having almost forgotten the first set of ducklings I'd seen of the season some days back, but there they were. Two of them swimming in the lake. Not much of an angle for a shot, but you get what you're given. Same with the goslings. A goose pair with one wandering about beyond the pergola white columns on the way to the library, oblivious to their surroundings.

The farmers market was crowded, but I was wandering along in close to zombie mode, so I took a couple of pictures I've taken before of the guitarist (same angles, different guitarist) and headed on, seeing double in the distance, but everything out to about thirty feet in focus. It's become common enough now I don't really do anything but “just notice”.

Sitting out on the café patio I experimented a bit, again things within about thirty feet in focus, others out at say, sixty feet, double. Two people walking where there was one. Halfway interesting for a while, but again, even though I'm used to it now, it makes me wonder. Walking back the whole world slipped into focus again, no double vision, but holding since.

So here we are. They're saying overcast, but less so and warmer for the coming two days, so that's good. Overcast is good for pictures, not all that jarring contrast, so maybe tomorrow will go well. The first train is at 8:20 and the parade starts at 9:30, so there's just enough time to get in a proper shoot. So I've learned from shooting in in the past. It turns into a long day and a dragging ass, but the pictures are nice and the day well spent. Hup.

Evening. A decent late afternoon and early evening, maybe sitting about allows things to settle down. I did lie down for a while in the late afternoon, still tired, but up afterward to watch Beck at six, an off the wall program from the Netherlands that's just odd enough to keep my interest, all the while playing along on the guitar.

We're stretching fingers this week. I've been thinking I'm getting better at it, the fingers are more limber, but after this last couple of hours I'm no longer sure. Better, but nowhere near where I need to be to actually play the damned things. Think Chuck Berry. Think saying you can play the guitar without being able to play (approximate) Chuck Berry. I have more to learn.

To bed early, to breakfast early, to BART in time to catch the 8:20 train to the city. No big deal as long as I can find a parking space.

The photo up top was taken at the Grand Lake Farmers Market with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.