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May 23, 2012

Acting Out
Wednesday. We won't bitch about yesterday's entry. We should, but we won't.

Up this morning a good half hour before the alarm, not sure why. Anyway, up and about, off to breakfast and back, home now having posted yesterday's entry (see paragraph above).

This is, I believe, the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge and there are celebrations of a sort happening in San Francisco today. There are larger ones this weekend, but the Carnaval Parade is this Sunday and there's no way I'm missing the Carnaval parade, so maybe we'll find a way to take in whatevers happening today. Seems a complicated way to say I may go to San Francisco later and shoot some photographs.

Later. Looked up today's 75th anniversary bridge events and discovered there are no 75th anniversary bridge events scheduled today, the two I knew about are scheduled for the weekend. Reminds me of my thinking nothing was happening in San Francisco this last weekend and missed the Saturday Asian Heritage Festival. This is not good and I'm going to have to find ways to fix it. Check the calendar. Write down dates. If I fumble in a conversation in a restaurant, as I did recently, no problem, I can live with fumbles like those as long as they don't lead to harsh words or jail time. Dumb moves that miss photographable events, though, are serious. (hup!)

But enough. A walk over to the morning restaurant to have a scoop of ice cream in a cup and coffee, walking along the lake and spotting another gosling on the grass out in the open. My first reaction was “what are you doing out in the open when you can't yet run or fly?”, the thought coming from an article recently read on birds and predators. So I took a picture and hoped it wasn't the same family of geese I photographed on Monday with their seven goslings.

Why don't we just give another “we've spotted another gosling” cuteness alert and leave your sundry dark thoughts of lions, tigers and bears (oh my!) to another day and another entry?

Later still. Some time on the guitar: good. More to come: good. The sinus-upper-palate-teeth aching has been in overdrive lately, we'll have to talk to the neurologist about that. An additional dose of the pain meds just now to see if they help. An Italian Father Someone-Or-Other “who done it” starting just now at six, too cute for good health. I do like Italian opera, books and movies, still have lots of opera on old lp's, one or two complete operas on CD's, but their current fashion in broad dumb guy repeated does dumb things humor doesn't cut it. Ah, well. Italian humor. There are plenty of other countries yet to explore and ignore.

I'm starting to understand why you canceled your Netflix subscription.

Hard to maintain a cranky old man image without acting out.

The photo up top was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.