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May 13, 2012

Wave Again Tomorrow
Sunday. To bed early and up with the alarm, to breakfast and back under an overcast sky, back now around eight to work on yesterday's entry before posting, thinking I'd like to take a nap (some slight ocular symptoms with the eyes, maybe shouldn't have had the corned beef hash this morning as it's on the the list of foods to be avoided). Off to the How Weird Street Faire around noon, so best to be ready (after that nap).

Later. And I did take a nap. Didn't sleep, but went under into a pleasant light fog for a while, felt much better after something like an hour, up to grab the cameras and head out the door for the BART station. Checking the bus on I didn't see one coming at the scheduled time and, remembering my problem with a bus that didn't come Friday night, I decided to drive downtown. It's Sunday, after all, no meters, and there should be some available parking. As there was. Too many negative thoughts anymore, it's become a habit, driving was easy.

So BART over to S.F. and the Montgomery Street station, a walk down New Montgomery to Howard to the entrance, arriving at noon. I'd written ten-thirty down on my calendar for when the thing started but it turned out it didn't start until noon. Even when I try to arrive fashionably later I arrive early. It was indeed noon, but the security people said they hadn't gotten word yet that we could enter, so a small group of us waited for a couple of minutes before they let us in.

Anyway, three hours of shooting with a break for lunch. The streets filled quickly enough with people, but I'll make it a point to arrive later next year. Did I get any pictures? Well, yes I did, I'm writing this at ten-thirty in the evening after working on the photographs for a good five or so hours, with some breaks in between for guitar (not enough, but the week so far is solid) and to watch the new Sherlock Holmes chapter. Actually I cheated a bit and listened to much of it while at the computer working on the pictures. I'm not sure about the new Sherlock yet, but it seems to work.

One or two of the photographs are quite good, there may be enough for four sections of twenty-one each, but I may keep it to three. There's good, and there's good, and I tend to give them more latitude than they deserve. But I'll know sometime tomorrow, there's still a lot of do before they're ready. Anyway, physically tired when I got home, but that's gone now and I'm ready for bed.

I had a bottle of beer along with a chicken teriyaki dish at a sushi house for lunch with no after effects. I was hungry, I was thirsty and I was curious to see if I'd repeat my experience with Friday's dinner. But I didn't and that's good. Anyway, as said (over and over), an overall good outing and day, we'll catch the wave again tomorrow.

Saturday's Grand Lake farmers market taken with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.