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May 11, 2012

Under About Nine
Friday. To bed last night early: good. Up this morning with the alarm feeling relatively human: good. To breakfast and back on a bright sunny morning, an obviously warm day ahead: no complaints. Gas prices jumping eight cents a gallon on the morning I decided I'd better fill the tank: predictable. Gas mileage over this last more than a month, when I haven't been driving other than the short half mile to breakfast and back: 10. Ten miles to a gallon of gas. Such is life.

Yet we are alive and well in Dingle Dell on our way toward an excellent summer, are we not?

Yes, yes we are and we're more than happy about it. Yes. We - the collective editorial we - are. It's just the editorial in our “editorial we” is often somewhat less than comprehensible in the mornings than “I” would like.

Later. A short walk along the lake and back, a couple of cormorants diving in the distance, but very few birds of any kind at ten o'clock on a sunny morning, sitting by the pergola taking stock.


I've always called them the white columns, but some of the local news outlets have started calling them the pergola on Lake Merritt, the word describing a trellised arbor, often with woody vines climbing about. Which I had to look up. So it's a pergola from here on out.



Anyway, sitting by the pergola, a bit tired, unenthused, washed out, so a walk back to the apartment to take a short nap. I'd have stretched it out longer if had let me, but it was refreshing none the less.

FedEx delivered the Photoshop and Dreamweaver updates early in the afternoon so I installed them and checked them out. (Why would I need to update Dreamweaver, an HTML editing program, when I don't use more than maybe 1% of its features?) Photoshop has some nice updates that I do use, I've been testing the beta version now for a couple of months, but Dreamweaver? We'll see, maybe we'll learn more about it, create better looking pages, justify the expense. Rationalization enough, they're here, they're installed.

A walk then down to the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream cone, I was hungry (again) and ice cream called out. A quick pass by the sanctuary area on the lake taking a couple of pictures, back for a cup of coffee and a pastry out at a sidewalk table at the local coffee shop that sits on this way to the lake, before heading home. I'm essentially done in for the day after these very light morning and now afternoon walks.

Dinner this evening downtown with some of the old APL crew, Mr. McQ in town from Salem putting it together. Good. We're up for that. But a drive downtown this time, no more walking, no more taking the bus, we're done with exertion of any kind until the How Weird Street Faire on Sunday.

Evening. I took the bus. Why, I don't know, as the bus I was waiting for didn't come at all and the second bus (which did come) delivered me fifteen minutes late. I'm not good at arriving anywhere fifteen minutes late unless it's a party, where it's expected, and even then (in my earlier, more foolish years) I had trouble not arriving before it was desired. One of the few things I have learned as I've grown older.

Still, a good dinner, Mr. and Mrs. C offering to drop me off on their way home (which was nice, I was - again - foolish to take the bus). To bed early, deciding after the very briefest flash of an ocular migraine, which put me well under about nine.

Oakland May Day Demonstrations taken with a Nikon D3S mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.