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May 29, 2011

On The Shaft

Sunday. To bed at eleven after watching my Korean soap (very complicated, this soap, with the wars, the politics, the multiple wives, back stabbings and infanticides), getting up this morning with the alarm knowing I had to get to breakfast, finish breakfast and then drive downtown to park in order to catch the 8:20 BART train to 24th Street and Mission in San Francisco for the forming up of the Carnaval Parade.

No problem reading the papers and finishing on time, was able to go back to the apartment and check one or two things on the computer before setting out, finding a parking space without a problem. I will say part of me was fighting the idea of going, though. Not sure why as I got there feeling just fine, the session going (I thought) very well, getting a large number (for me) of pictures. I suspect I'll have three new sections for artandlife, over sixty photographs, some few of which are more than nice. (A bit of photographer's droll humor there. They're all “nice”, but realistically you don't get very many that go over the top. Sometimes just a few in a life.)

So I'm back, the photographs downloaded, the morning done. What for me is a week's activity and exercise in the space of six hours, getting up for breakfast could have happened last week for all that's transpired since. Hyperbole, yes, but a good day for hyperbole. I suspect you can tell the mood is good with all these photographs to play with these next few days. And it will take the next few days. Well, today and tomorrow.

Later. Who knows? One or two decent pictures, but maybe I'm too close to them to have any idea whether there are a number of them that are “good”, ones I should put up on artandlife, or whether I'm kidding myself. I remember each instance where I took a picture, what I saw, what I was looking to catch, but sometimes you're there a slice of a second too early, sometimes a slice too late and sometimes, well, you have no idea what happened. So again, some three hours working with the photographs this afternoon, we'll go back to them tomorrow.

A trip down to the sushi place for a light dinner and a large flask of sake, we're feeling good this holiday weekend, might as well celebrate. Back here now at the apartment at six. Maybe a hot bath right about now after a brief session on the guitar and then, well, I was going to say early to bed, but I have my Korean soap coming up at ten. So we'll tough it out. Here in the gold dust driven town of Oakland, sitting on the shaft.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2011 Carnaval Parade with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.