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May 23, 2010

It Happens

Monday. Up (hup! hup!) with the alarm, having gone to bed last night at eleven after my weekend Saturday-Sunday late evening soap. I'm calling eleven late evening, but it seems more and more to be the time I both go to bed and/or fall asleep. Any earlier and I lie awake until eleven, any later and I'm an idiot.

The day is clear, the sun it out, the air is still brisk, but I'm assuming it will get warmer before too long. So far, so good. I'll be curious to see if the double vision is back by the time I set out for a walk later this morning, if it keeps its schedule. Yesterday was a bit of a blur, not the best day I've had, but the evening was just fine. Why so clear headed, eyes straight, sinus-upper palate thing in check in the evenings? I sometimes wonder what they put in my coffee at my morning café. Double vision? A stack of three waffles this morning with two strips of bacon? That's it? Could be if it were easy. No reason it couldn't, I suppose. Turn out to be easy, the cure.

Good luck.

Well, a morning ahead.

The Times had a story about Chicago and the planning they've been doing to change their operations in preparation for global warming, finding things they can do that don't cost too much, but will have a big impact in another twenty years when their climate is completely different. The list was sobering. Simple things like switching trees in their ongoing planting program to those that will survive in the new climate. Changes to the asphalt used in repairing and paving the roads. Rooftop gardens in critical areas. The list is long.

They're talking about a Deep South, Birmingham, Alabama climate in Chicago later this century, really hot days jumping from an average of 15 to 90, air conditioning schools that have never had to be air conditioned. A whole lot of stuff. Makes you think. Some comment on New York City as well, what they have to look forward to with their low lying areas along the ocean.

Later. I started out walking perhaps a little earlier than I usually start, some of the double vision, but correcting itself if I concentrated. A walk down by the lake and then over to my morning restaurant, not crossing the street to enter, I wasn't looking for an early lunch, then back around the loop by the theater to Lakeshore to Noah's where I turned back and headed home. A mile and a half or so, enough to call it a walk for the day. During all this the symptoms increased until, by then late morning, they were fairly strong, the dry mouth in evidence, definitely time to go home.

So, like clockwork, it comes. I lay down and listened to the radio for perhaps an hour, drifting in and out, got up, eventually went out again down the street to buy a small pizza with double mushrooms for a late lunch, back now after three feeling pretty much like a human being. Reasonably clear headed, the sinus-upper palate OK, no thoughts other than I'm feeling pretty good. Also on schedule. It will probably last through the evening, as it usually does and we'll repeat the routine tomorrow.

So, I've done a little over an hour on the guitar, will undoubtedly do another hour, maybe more, before the day is done. I'm better on those chords, the B7 finally coming right along. Beginner's stuff, first the F chord and then the B7, the others are reasonably easy, the harder part moving between them on the beat. I'm much improved with the B7, all this practice seems to help. The same with the rest of the week's lesson. Pretty exciting stuff, I'm on a roll.

So we'll see. No pictures today. It happens.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco How Weird Street Faire with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.